Anthro Obsession Linking Addicts

Happy Saturday to all! It has been a great day, and it started with a trip to Anthro with the main purpose being to meet the sweet and lovely Erin from Designer Me. If you haven’t checked out her blog, definitely pop by and say hello- she’s a cutie and definitely shares our love for pretty clothes! Let me just preface by saying that every time I go to Anthro I’m on my own. No one around shares my love/obsession/craving for the store and so I don’t have another female perspective telling me I don’t need another white skirt or that I must have the ruffled cami! Walking around with Erin was so refreshing, we thoroughly examined the entire store and then tried stuff on giving each other feedback on each piece!
Here’s what I wore today:


I tried on a few things (mainly skirts) partly in anticipation of the sale this coming Tuesday and partly out of gluttony! I even brought a couple of things home because I couldn’t help myself, and again, if they go on sale Tuesday things will be much easier and I’ll just seek a PA. I am too too excited about the sale and thinking of being there as soon as the store opens – thank goodness for a flexible research schedule!! I’ll definitely try to blog about it afterwards and fill you guys in on what can be found at my store. It’s like Christmas and birthday all wrapped up into one!!

Will be back soon with what I tried on because right now I’m thorougly immersed in This Is It and just can’t believe MJ is gone. He is a fabulous artist, the first American pop icon I was introduced to while growing up in Albania. I remember having two of his cassette tapes and would dance to them all day. Thriller was my favorite!


12 thoughts on “Anthro Obsession Linking Addicts

  1. Hey Dea! I live about 2 hours away from Durham. I'm taking Tuesday off to drive to the Durham Anthro to check out the sale. Maybe I'll see ya there!

  2. Dea, you are so sweet! I had the best time today, too, and it was so wonderful to find a kindred spirit! We'll have to do it again very soon 🙂 Hope you are enjoying This Is It – I am a huge MJ fan and saw it in the theater – I would've loved to have seen that concert!

  3. bonnie- oh yey, another fellow Carolinian!! So exciting about Tuesday and yes, hopefully we'll run into each other so definitely say hello if you see me!erin- I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, it was just the best and couldn't help but attempt to dance to his moves!! Yes, let's definitely go shopping again!

  4. I have This is It on blueray andloved seeing the whole creative process. it was heartbreaking to see the dancers who auditioned and got roles in the show, which was a dream of a lifetime and then have MJ pass on. It was also astonishing to see MJ do that riff and just get into a zone and see the dancers really get into it. Nice……he truly had a gift and was "gone too soon"

  5. You look beautiful in the Color-Drenched Dress! Seeing it on you gives me confidence to break it out for Spring/Summer. Can't wait to see what you tried on!

  6. Sam- sorry! I left out the name of the dress: it's from Anthropologie fall '09, called the color-drenched dress. Great eye on the sandals,they are indeed from UO!!

  7. I'd love to shop with you someday! How much fun would that be? Don't know any Anthropologie fanatics out this way :(Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!!

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