Table for Two!

h&m blouse
    anthropologie tuxedo skirt
    wanted red scroll maryjanes

When I finished getting dressed this morning, the almost-hubby said,”I’d like a table for two and ready to order”! Ha ha ha, very funny this guy, but I see why I’d remind him of someone that could hook him up with butter rolls and a ceasar salad.

Thanks a million Jan for bringing this shirt into my life. It put the biggest smile on my face when I tore it out of the package you sent it in. And of course, must thank the originator, Tien, who introduced this beautiful top to us all and made me giddy just looking at her. The bow is a delight and seemed to be made for this skirt. In fact, a few people today thought I was wearing a dress.

18 thoughts on “Table for Two!

  1. This has got to be the cutest outfit ever! You look much better than someone who would get you a table for 2 and some ceasar salad! Funny guy you have there, but I couldn't disagree more!

  2. You are impossibly CUTE, Dea! I'm glad the top made it to you, and that you are delighting in wearing it – you look like a doll! Now, I have to resist the urge to rebuy it, lol.

  3. This outfit is perfect. Absolutely stunning. Love the pop of color with your shoes, but the cumberbun with the tux shirt is to DIE for. Beautiful job.<3 KP

  4. You would only be the chicest and sexiest (meaning that totally in the totally non-creeper way) waiter – if you looked like one! What a cheeky and pretty outfit, Dea!

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