Lacemaker with Snowscape

Ever wish you could go back in time? Maybe to do-over some decisions you weren’t so proud of, or perhaps relive some really great times? Lately, things have been moving steady, but the sparks are missing, and so I’m dreaming of past times when the nights seemed never-ending and the company was warm and inviting. Oh, it sounds kind of depressing when I put it like that, but I think it’s always nice to remember the good times and use it as stimulus for pursuing just as fabulous times. Sounds convincing, right?

Had a hard time taking pictures today and have to confess – it was because one of the neighbors was outside gabbing on the phone and I felt silly with my poses along the woods, so laid low and felt kind of stiff. See?

anthropologie snowscape tank
anthropologie lacemaker skirt
blowfish catrell wedge (found on piperlime)

16 thoughts on “Lacemaker with Snowscape

  1. Adorable. You kill me with the cuteness. And thank you for giving me another way to try this tank.BTW, I hate HATE posing in public…I always think people are going to think I am some sort of weird-o. LOL. I totally get your frustration. Go away, CELL PHONE GUY! πŸ™‚

  2. Great pairing – and I love your outdoor photos. I almost got caught taking a photo today – coworker would have thought I was totally ridiculous! πŸ˜‰

  3. oh wow the embellishment on your top is so so beautiful..and combined with the lace, this makes for an exquisite outfit!

  4. I had a what would dea do moment in a fitting room last week. I always try skirts on and feel blah in them. Then, I see you in the the same skirts, and I'm amazed how great they look. This one is no exception. Without being weird and stalkerish, you're kind of my skirt idol. LOL.

  5. I love your outfit! I am physically averse to posing in public. And that makes my yard basically off limits because my neighbors (who I really like so this isn't a complaint or anything) are often outside.

  6. What a sweet, simple a beautiful pairing! I have both items, so best believe I'm going to steal…err…be inspired by…this look :PAnd O.M.GGG I know I know about the awkwardness of being caught posing by strangers/neighbors *blush blush* It's just the worst feeling- the spot where I pose for my blog pics has a big glass door and window to one side, so you know why I'm usually looking to my right in my pics…to make sure noone's watching! hahahaha

  7. Oh, Dea, I love this outfit on you! Love, love, love! Just wonderful. And now I want them both. Just when I put myself on a shopping freeze!Well, I'm glad you have these lovely items, anyway…

  8. Great pairing – and I love your outdoor photos. I almost got caught taking a photo today – coworker would have thought I was totally ridiculous! πŸ˜‰

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