Blogger Friends Helping Out

I would like to take a moment and thank everyone’s kindness here in the world of blogs. Whether you’re a blogger or an avid blogger reader, kudos to you and your sweetness! Whether it’s been providing help to find an item at a store (usually Anthro), getting advice on whether to keep or return an item bought on impulse, or inspiration for where and how to locate something I’ve been looking for, you ladies have been phenomenal and I’m just amazed at how helpful everyone is. I’ve got a couple of items on their way to me from bloggies and can’t wait to receive them. Months ago before starting this blog, I had no idea as to what was out there and now I’m well-informed and taken care of!! I just think it’s great that we really look out for each other whether we need to stick to that dreadful budget or provide words of encouragement on a bangin’ outfit!!

This leads me to today’s OOTD, for which I have to thank Amy and her post on the eyelet skirt – I clicked on her link like a madwoman and then loudly exclaimed “Gotcha”! For the record, Dr. Love gave me a strange look, but then again, he knew I was in blog land so anything goes and wasn’t that surprised. I have been looking for a skirt like this for a long time, and surprisingly, Alloy did not disappoint on the fit nor the price!!

anthropologie through-the-clouds tank
old navy sandals

19 thoughts on “Blogger Friends Helping Out

  1. Oh Dea, you look like a wood fairy/elf! SO beautiful. I agree, this is a great community and I appreciate how wonderful everyone is. I still feel bad that I couldn't get the H&M blouse for you, but I am going back tonight in hopes I find one in your size!

  2. Love the skirt! You always look so beautiful and natural and I am so jealous of the woodsy setting!Your outfits are always great!!

  3. Haha – I wore my Alloy skirt via Amy today too! Though I definitely believe you've "outskirted" me – you look awesome as always.

  4. Looking lovely again! I'm new to the community, probably started in January trying to find the Always A Lady skirt. But I am glad I found this Anthropologie community because everyone is so nice and helpful and all the bloggers are so inspiring with their outfits!

  5. Awwww, Dea, you are SO BEAUTIFUL! I am so glad you love the skirt because it looks absolutely summer perfect on you. Pairing it with that embellished gray tee just rocks the neutrals trend! I like! And I agree — our blogging community is THE BEST! I have met so many wonderful people here (that includes you, missy!) that bring a smile to my face every day!

  6. cute outfit! love that skirt. it looks an old anthro offering (elevenes?) from a year ago.giggling at the placement of those 2 applique-d flowers (from over-the-cloud top) your boobies

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