Anthro Catalog to the Rescue

Ever since I started receiving Anthro catalogs a couple of years ago, the collection began. I might have all the images memorized just because I flip through them so often and every time get inspired by something different. I’d love to learn more about how the setup for each catalog takes place, from the location to the models to the clothes selected. The beauty of marketing!!! Anytime it’s a dark-haired model that’s somewhat foreign-looking, I identify even more, but I do take note that Anthro could definitely incorporate more diverse models. Especially since the locations chosen for the catalogs are from all over the world. I really enjoyed last August’s catalog because it displayed regular people and even some couples!
It was a nice and breezy day today, perfect for getting set up at the coffeeshop and wrapping up the end of the semester. And budget- I worked on my budget for the new month and let me just say that I still have difficulty really establishing a working budget that I can stick to. Can’t seem to plan for spontaneous finds like beautiful sandals or pretty purses! I think tomorrow will be spent on finishing up The Bookseller of Kabul, once and for all.
anthropologie climbing cowlneck
anthropologie great escape skirt
anthropologie belt
anthropologie lane-line necklace
blowfish sandals

15 thoughts on “Anthro Catalog to the Rescue

  1. I feel the same way about my catalogs! I love going back through them, looking at the stylings and getting new ideas. Trouble is, I then start wishing I had mire of the older items!!! :-)I like the colors you are wearing today!

  2. Love the outfit today! I agree that last August's catalogue was one of Anthro's best. There is this belief that clothing has to be shown on models to sell it but I think that is less and less true. Just my $0.02 though.

  3. Yellow and navy! I'm totally digging this color combo right now! Great outfit; I'd copy you, but I don't have the Great Escape skirt. Maybe the yellow Circle the Globe skirt will work… hmm.Like you, I love going through old catalogs. They are such a source of inspiration.

  4. Yellow and Navy is one of my all-time favorite color combos, so I love this outfit! That tee looks fantastic on you dea!I too treasure my Anthro catalogs – I have paper copies going back to 2006 and really enjoy flipping through them!

  5. ooo I love this color combo! I have the Great Escape skirt but have never made it look this good. I might have to buy the double torsade necklace to try this on my own!

  6. I totally know exactly which catalog image you're referring to! I have that one cut out and saved on my computer. Your version looks great!

  7. Ooooh Dea, I love this outfit! The colors are absolutely perfect, and the necklace adds such a great touch. This is my favorite of yours now! As for flipping through old Anthro catalogs, I totally agree with you. They have such amazing styling, and the exotic settings and locations really help to create a gorgeous fantasy about the clothes. Marketing indeed, haha!

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