Anthropologie Trip

Somebody got a haircut! I went in for my usual trim because I never get anything special done, but my stylist is so accessible and silly, she teased that I should live it up a little and do something different- so I got sideswept bangs but they’re really low-key and blend in with the face-framing layers that I also took the plunge on. When I was younger I had bangs and my hair is so thick that they poofed out and just….well, bangs should never have taken place.
anthropologie casement drapes blouse
anthropologie double-torsade necklace
ae bracelet
f21 jean skinnies
uo sandals
After the salon, I excitedly headed for Anthro since I hadn’t been in a while. I’ve been on a mad hunt for skirts lately, and it’s not that I’m lacking in that department, but they’re just fun and breezy for the summer.
Do-Si-Do Skirt was something that I’d admired for a while but wasn’t fully sure. When it went on sale I strongly debated ordering it, but really glad I found it at the store so I could try it on. This is a 0 so TTS and it’s fun, full, and cute!
The Scalloped Sailor Skirt has been around for a while but this is my first time trying it on. It runs small so I took a size 2 and the fit was great. I really hope this goes on sale soon because it’s perfect for looking a bit more polished.
Future Past Skirt Yet another item on my wishlist that I was happy to locate. It runs big so I stuck to my usual 0, but it was still comfortable with the bit of extra room. Just noticed that online the top has a couple of stripes that weren’t on this skirt. Regardless, aside from the crazy price tag, can’t wait for sale time!
I can’t seem to find the Coming & Going Skirt link on the site but regardless, I found this pretty baby at the store and started drooling. Love it to bits, and if it wasn’t for the ridiculous price tag, again it would come home with me. Had to size up to a 2 as it also runs small. Love the polka dots juxtaposed with the ruffles.
Hope everyone is having a productive Saturday!

14 thoughts on “Anthropologie Trip

  1. We had nearly identical days! I got a haircut and then visited Anthro – we must have just missed each other! ๐Ÿ™‚ That Coming & Going skirt looks PERFECT on you!!! Love it!

  2. I love that necklace in the first post! Everytime I go online to buy it, it's backordered — total bummer. But it looks fantastic on you, as does everything else! Love that yellow polka dot skirt ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. thank you tons for posting a review of leifsdottir's coming and going! i've been waiting for someone similar to my size to review it, as i haven't been able to snag a 2 in store. it looks absolutely stellar on you too! *sigh* i'm going to save up for it…

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