Shoe Delight

As I mentioned before, the search has been on for some fun summer wedges in a beige/tan/brown color. Once all the spring items made it out of storage, I realized that my sandal situation was looking sorta weak, and I wasn’t as enthusiastic about wearing them. In order to keep low on the quantity and high on the quality and fun factor, I came across these two beauties and wanted to share with you all.

The first pair is from Piperlime, the Blowfish Catrell wedge. This is my second pair of Blowfish sandals and they are really comfortable. The 2.75 inch wedge is a great heel length so that my leg looks elongated but not to the point where I’m losing balance and tiptoing around. Also a fan of the back zipper as they wont slip off when I’m getting rowdy during the summer nights (yeah right)!

Last night we went on a Target trip looking for ice cream cones (this is where I lose my vegan ways) and why Target for ice cream? Because I’ve found these 100-calorie cones for $2.99 and they are great for those sugar cravings. Anyhoo, I meander over to the shoe section looking for you know, anything inspiring. Randomly I come across a pair of wedge-sandals, really like them, they’re the only pair, and they’re from Cynthia Vincent. Confession time: I’ve never heard of this designer, but last night as I’m browsing the blogosphere, Gigi’s Gone Shopping and Fetching Fashions had hyped up the sandals and I couldn’t believe they were the same ones I found.

So while I love the Cynthia Vincent Gladiator Wedges , the heel is a bit high and wonder how comfortable they’d be all day long. I’ll have to try them out at home for the final verdict.
Be back soon with an OOTD. Meanwhile, what do we think?

20 thoughts on “Shoe Delight

  1. I really like the Cynthia Vincent for Target pair and plan to check them out myself – I say keep those. I'm not loving the first pair in all honesty.

  2. sweet tea in seattle- just checked them out on you and they look great on!kim- thanks for your honesty.I hope you locate the CV pair, they really are a steal at $30!katie & MsHark- thanks for the feedback ladies!

  3. Ooo I Love both pairs! the Cynthia Vincent shoe is sold out online!!! Whyyyyyyyy?! and the nearest Target is a 30 minute flight awaay! Whyyyyyyyyyyy?! LOL. Okay, reality check… although I really want those wedges, I have too many shoes that don't get paid attention too as much as they should. Happy Sunday Dea!xx Love & Aloha**Stop by to enter my ~Une Very Stylish Fille Giveaway~

  4. My vote is for the Cynthia Vincents, just make sure they are comfortable enough so that you'll wear them. πŸ™‚ (I looked at two Targets today near me and neither of them had the line – you walked up on a treasure!)

  5. FabulousFloridaMommy- thanks for your feedback and glad you like both!sharonlei- I hear you on owning too many pairs of shoes, which is why I need to substitute mine! I'm sorry you couldn't find any online, but hopefully they'll pop back!erin- I bet I know which Targets you went to! I definitely got lucky with finding them, so clearly I need to hold on and make sure they're comfy.veronika- I'm sorry you didn't find the CV wedges at the store, but hopefully they'll restock soon, as well as online. I can't believe they're already sold out!

  6. I like the CV pair better too. The other pair seemed more bootie like. But definately make sure they are comfortable for you. What's the use of having them at a great price if you never wear them! I'm going to check out the same Target that started stocking the colored CV wedges last week to see if they have the entire line!

  7. I am insanely jealous of those Cynthia Vincent wedges and the fact that we don't have Target here. I was in Washington a few weeks ago and went to Target for the first time ever (!) only for 5 minutes, but that was all it took to fall in love lol. Clearly I have to go back and check out the shoe section. Great shoes lady!

  8. I like the straps on the Cynthia Vincent sandals more, but the heel on the Blowfish ones more. Oh, decisions, decisions! If you're debating between the two, I think it comes down to which are more comfortable and versatile!

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