Cheerful Outfit with a Side of Random Thoughts

Have you ever had one of those days where you just wonder about everything? Like why do I procrastinate or why do I gravitate towards the same thing over and over or why are things at the farmer’s market so expensive sometimes? I know that each of these topics has nothing to do with the other, but this is what was running through my mind today. I ran a couple of errands and wondered why I always find myself more excited about errands than completing my schoolwork? Then I stopped by the mall and wondered why is it that I used to love spending time at the mall but now I just get overwhelmed and prefer the outdoor shopping plazas because then I feel like there are distinctions between the stores. Then I thought about how I only go inside a couple of stores and sort of snub the rest. Like today for example, I popped in to ATL and Banana Republic but just nothing stood out, whereas Anthro or J Crew kept me in for a while- have I become a shopping snob? And earlier this morning we walked over to the farmer’s market and I sadly have to admit that even though I’ll be the first person to support local business and products, I couldn’t swallow some of the inflated prices and feel so disappointed because how can people that don’t earn a lot of money supposed to afford fresh good-for-you food? I wanted to buy something and support the concept, but it just didn’t make sense to me because somehow I felt privileged to afford a $6 3oz. jar of apple butter. Yet another day in my mind…

It was really cold this morning for some reason so I had to reach for tights. I can’t complain really since I do love my tights and had missed them. Plus, through the advisement of a few bloggers, I ended up trying out the Land’s End version of the Thousand Days skirt and I’m so pleased because the fit is great! It’s really versatile, will be perfect once the summer hits, and I just love its shape.

anthropologie through-the-clouds tank
land’s end poplin full skirt in navy
anthropologie pindot tights
anthropologie miss albright budding t-straps


10 thoughts on “Cheerful Outfit with a Side of Random Thoughts

  1. Mama mia! That outfit is date-night worthy! Very pretty. Yeah, I definitely know what you mean about not being able to afford farmer's mkt produce, even though you really love the idea of it.Around here things are so expensive already (more so than any other place in the U.S. I've lived in so far)and I just can't justify paying *twice* as much for blueberries just because they're from my neighbor's garden :'(When green almond season rolls around though (last week of April-1st week of May)I'm going to have to cave in and order them from an indie farmer, since I have yet to see them sold at any major grocery chain.

  2. That skirt looks awesome on you Dea, WAY, WAAAAAAY better on you – and actually confirms that mine really wasn't fitting/hitting on my leg right. I can't even believe it's the same skirt, lol! Glad it works on you, and I love how you paired it with the Through the Clouds – so pretty!

  3. Agree about the Farmers Market! It's as if a simple Farmer's Market has instead become today's Gourmet Grocer. I agree the farmers themselves need to make a sustainable living but at the same time, I just don't know how I would afford $6 apple butter. I thought the same thing yesterday when I bought an Asian Pear at the grocery store. It rang up as almost $4 for the one pair. & I thought, this thing will get eaten thoroughly! Because I can't waste it! It's going on salads with some chevre or something. $4 is ridiculous for a pear, therefore nothing will go to waste!

  4. Well, what's worse– buying a $30 tissue tee from jcrew that was made in China and will probably only last 1 year, or buying a $6 jar of something organic a local farmer produced with his own hands? I can't afford to buy everything at the farmer's market, but I sure as heck will feel a lot better about my purchases, and think twice about wasting money on something from a mass market mall retailer. It's just about picking and choosing, making choices, and sometimes, doing without.

  5. Hi Dea!I have been contemplating on getting that skirt, but I am not familiar with Land's End sizing. What's your opinion on their sizing? Can you tell me what size you got? It looks really cute on you & it looks pretty with the Through the Clouds Tank. Hope you are having a great day!

  6. my attitude about the value of things, especially food and clothing, has evolved a lot in the last decade or so. my thoughts on food value were definitely influenced by reading "the omnivore's dilemma" which made me see much more clearly how food dollars are an investment in many things – my own physical health, the health of the local and global economy and the health of the planet not least among them. which is not to say that we shop at the farmer's market, but that's more because we never get up early enough :)it's easier for me to see food as being worth higher prices than it is for me to see clothes being worth more money, especially since even very cheap clothes are often surprisingly durable. which, again, is not to say that i don't buy both expensive and high-value garments more often than i used to before i started seeing the value in nice's distressing, though, that it's very difficult to know much about the origins of clothing and the processes involved in how a garment has been made. the country of origin only tells you where the garment was constructed, not where the fabric was made and dyed, nor where the fibers were harvested. maybe one day we'll have appealing locally grown clothes alongside the local eggs and collards. or clothes labeling will becomes as sophisticated as the food labeling in our local natural foods chain store.

  7. athena- I took this skirt in a 0 and the fit is great but there's also a bit of room in case I eat a big meal!! I'd say go with your regular size and shipping over $100 is free, so if it doesn't work out, you can return the items at your local sears!spacegrrl- thanks so much for your comment and I too read the book and was definitely alarmed by the reality of things in the food industry. I also agree with you that it is so important to have visibility on where items we consume come from, be it food or clothes! I strongly believe in choosing organic and local foods over the alternative, but the only thing that concerns me is how expensive quality food has gotten and it shouldn't be this way. And I don't think it's the farmers or local vendors that inflate prices, but just a bigger issue with the market. It just feels so unfair to me that a family under the poverty level can afford a fast-food meal but would have difficulty in paying and picking up fresh fruits and veggies.

  8. there's nothing wrong with being a shopping snob…when you come out empty handed time after time, you stop waisting your time in those stores. and i hear you about the farmers markets! it's so annoying! i mean, if we are skipping a middle man, i would think the prices would be a little more reasonable. this outfit is gorgeous on you! i missed out on the thousand days skirt so now i'm going over to check out the "other brand" version.

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