Blog Award, Giveaway Gift, and Deal on a Dress

I have to start this by profoundly thanking Alicia of Likely Badger, for the fashion blogger award. If you haven’t checked out her blog, please do because you wont be disappointed- she has great style, is cute as a button, talented artist, and I’m envious that she lives in Portland! I’ve been dying to head out west and Portland is on the list of places to visit!

I’m passing the award to six more bloggers that are truly special and inspiring:
amy.kelinda of Kelinda.Kelinda
tien of Adiaphane
courtnee of Moments of Whimsy

No joke, I love packages- receiving them, tearing into them, and digging in for the buried treasure. Last night I got too excited to find the giveaway gift I won from Coco at Ruby Shoe Blues in my mailbox. Inside were the cutest little eyeshadows and blushes with the most creative names like Walkee Talkee blush, Ballet Slippers shadow, and Weeping Willow eyeliner. Thank you so much Coco, as I’m too excited to try them all and pretend I have somewhere fancy to get dolled up for!

Today I also made a journey to the next Anthropologie closest to me, and did I feel kind of silly for driving 45 minutes to get there just so I could gain a different experience and maybe find some new pieces to try on? Perhaps those thoughts did cross my mind, but I figured it was nice to be in a new environment and I was able to hit a couple of stores that I’d have to drive out for anyway, plus I could locate the f21 lace top for one of my readers and gosh darn it, it was worth it!

Randomly I found the Monochromatic Corset dress on pop-up in the September issue and since it was my size I ordered it right away.

Once it got here, I loved it on but wondered if there were just too many stripes going on, even though I love the criss-cross tie on the back. I decided to return it today and the SA helping me double-checked if that’s what I wanted to do, specifically because the current price is…wait for it….$10!! WHAT- um, yes please, I will most definitely buy the dress, again! So we’re back together again, and shortly it will make its debut.

Today I had a hard time getting dressed- don’t know what the problem was. I was actually hoping someone would come in and have an outfit all layed out for me but no one knocked on the door. I feel like there’s not enough creativity going on, but hey, at least clothes were worn and I didn’t go out there with stretch pants or my terrycloth robe….

gap blouse
gap jeans
target merona maribel peep toe wedges in lavender
anthropologie lane-line necklace

Just realized both are gap items, especially because I hardly shop there. I found this blouse on sale in december and was drawn to the details but had the hardest time pairing it with anything, so I think that’s why today I resorted to jeans. As for the shoes, they are just darling in my opinion and the perfect spring wedge. Major props to target for bringing through such cute shoes recently, and without realizing I’ve scooped up 3 pairs in the last month!


23 thoughts on “Blog Award, Giveaway Gift, and Deal on a Dress

  1. Holy Moly Crap on the monochromatic corset dress! I was wailing about it earlier this week – major props on the find.You look simple yet stylish today – I love how those jeans fit you and those shoes are awesome!

  2. I have the exact Mirabel's and I adore them, I think the lavendar is crazy neutral somehow – they pair with a ton more then I imagined they would when I bought them! You look adorable Dea! And hello? $10 for that dress – that is deal of the century good!

  3. I love your blouse and shoes today. They're so pretty!! I should check out target. Omg 10 for that dress! I bought it for 100 and it's still sitting unworn with tags on it in my closet!!

  4. What great shoes! And I envy your small frame – wish I could wear sleeves like that! πŸ™‚ That is an amazing deal on the dress…can't wait to see how you style it.

  5. lisa- I know, the deal was too good to be true! I love these jeans actually and forgot all about them when the skinnies took overjan- yey, I swear we own a lot of the same items! They're definitely super-versatile and agree they can go with a lotnaomi's mom- oh wow, you've had it for so long, and with tags! Depending on how you feel about it, you could return it and use the money for a new purchase, or spend $10 on the dress! Yes, definitely check out Target as they've really been on point as of late

  6. I like the casual look. Cute top, jeans and shoes.I don't think I've commented in a while (2 little boys always needing, yelling, getting into things), so…just know that I pretty much love your outfits and how you style everything!

  7. I love the shoes! I've been looking at them online but I really wanted to see them in person. Your pics help a lot!Also, do you think you can be on the lookout for the white lace Forever 21 top for me? Of course, I wouldn't ask you to drive so far for it but if you ever happen to see it at convenience, please let me know! thanks :)

  8. Naomi's mom- I'm thinking that this is the case for every Anthro, but can't be for certain. In my situation, the SA refunded me what I had originally paid, but then added that the new price was $9.95 and just offered it to me there and we joked about how it doesn't make sense to keep it a secret since I'd find it on the rack in a few minutes anyway! I think it's worth a try!!Anon- for popbacks, I go to the catalog links that can be accessed through Anthropologie Addict's site. From there I just click on items I've been on the lookout for and they may show up as available and then you add them to your bag and checkout!gemma- thanks so much for commenting and no worries about not piping up all the time. You're a mom and that's way more important than my blog!! It's wonderful hearing from you!mandy- I can definitely be on the lookout for you, and if you wish, I can buy it and then have you paypal! Just email and let me know

  9. I love the simplicity of your outfit! It looks great. Wow, I love the $10 dress deal! I got one thing at Anthro for $10 a few months back – the Umpteen Cardigan and I love it! OK, how did I miss those Target shoes? I shall be making a trip for those!

  10. I love the simplicity of your outfit! It looks great. Wow, I love the $10 dress deal! I got one thing at Anthro for $10 a few months back – the Umpteen Cardigan and I love it! OK, how did I miss those Target shoes? I shall be making a trip for those!

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