Textured Out

Thank you thank you thank you for all your kind words and sweet wishes. It just means so much and puts a big smile on my face. It’s amazing seeing how loving people are!

All of a sudden it got cold again. What up with that?? (check out this for more of the phrase) I thought we were all done with the wind factor and the coolness, especially since this little lady was ready to rock out her sandals and spring flats. I guess I’ll have to wait another day.

Good thing I found this little blouse while on my scavenger hunt at F21 over the weekend. I have no idea how I managed to locate it and not have it blend in with all the other 5834 cream shirts that were smooshed together in one tiny rack. It feels so ethereal and lady-like, and surprisingly adult-looking when compared to the other items I tried on (hint hint, blue polka dotted mini skirt I’m calling you out). I appreciate that it comes with a built-in cami so I don’t have to layer on, and it’s silk, which is kind of unheard of in F21 territory. When I got dressed this morning I thought about pairing it with flared jeans, but wanted to dress it up a bit and since I did the blue skirt thing yesterday, I thought I’d take it up a notch and pair it with an equally-feminine skirt, like this one:

f21 lace blouse
target ruffle skirt
anthropologie berry bush tights
anthropologie sweater-cuffed booties

I found the booties while stalking the October catalog and they randomly popped up. In a size 8. I’m typically a 9. But I’m stubborn and when free shipping is active it makes it that much easier to “give it a try” and surprisingly the fit is good! I know the reviews said they run small but with Anthro shoes I always have to size down at least a half a size and even with the Bouquet-of-Roses I could have gotten an 8 for a better fit. Lesson learned: never underestimate the power of will. And free shipping.


22 thoughts on “Textured Out

  1. Ah, the F21 top! I think Kim has the same one (or one that's similar) and it looks beautiful on both of you! I tried it for myself and I just couldn't quite pull it off. And you're right in that F21 using silk is practically unheard of – I'm glad they're stepping up their game because the prices are so irresistible! I would have NEVER thought of pairing that top with something as funky as the "swan butt" (heh heh) skirt, but it really works! I am so surprised! I love how fearless you are in your pairings, Dea!

  2. What a great mix of textures! That top is cute. I like the sleeve length. Soneimes it's an amazing feat to make it out of F21 in one piece! The jumble of things smudged on a rack amazes me. I just wonder how they jeep track of stuff!!

  3. I love that lace top. I've seen so many bloggers sporting that beautiful top. I want it… I also picks up a couple skirts like that at Target… but the colorful ones. 🙂 You look great Dea!!xx Love & Aloha

  4. That is a very pretty top. Love the outfit. Haven't shopped at F21in a long time, but maybe I'll take a peek inside when I head to Atlanta next week.

  5. Tien- oh wow, I didn't realize you were looking for it! Is this popular?amy kelinda- hmm, I didn't know Kim had it..I'm glad she found it as well because it's adorable! HAHAHAHA- swan butt skirt, hilarious name. katie- thanks, I'm pretty proud of myself for finding it!!pamela- I agree with you, the sleeve length is pretty special, and yes, f21 can really be overwhelming and pretty quickly things start to blend in togethersharonlei- I didn't realize other people had found this top! How cool, and glad it's a popular item b/c I recommend it. I can't wait to see your new colorful target skirts!ali- thanks so much!anon- good to hear you have these boots as well, and definitely am with you on softening them with feminine piecesgemma- I recommend stepping in f21 and just be open-minded. That's what works for me and I end up finding a couple of special pieceseunice- thanks for your sweet words. I love both pieces, and especially the lace tophailey- hahaha, a nightmare! Yes, I can attest to that at times, but most times I've gone in it's been successful.

  6. Too funny, Dea! I also found the only one in my store smooshed on a random rack in the waaaay back – I wore it the other day to churchhttp://thegirliestboymom.blogspot.com/2010/03/and-were-off-today-i-am-wearing-my-new.htmlLove how you paired it with a skirt! And the silk cami was even better when I realized I could unsnap it and put the whole blouse on A LOT easier – lol.

  7. sidewalk chalk- great idea, it's perfect for spring and all the little skirts that are ready to make a cameosharonlei- yes, it was recent! I just got it this weekend, so I've got my fingers crossed for you finding it!jan russell- wow, so this shirt is popular!! I'm so glad you have it as well and checked you out- you're the cutest mom! Oh, and so funny that you had a similar experience with locating it- mixed in with everything else!

  8. Dea, you look gorgeous in that outfit! I love that lace top. Tried to find in 3 Forever 21 stores but I couldn't find it. *cries* I would be happy to pay via Paypal including shipping if someone can get a size small in their Forever 21 store–if that's not too much to ask. E-mail: gemini4er@yahoo.comThanks, June.

  9. I love that lace top. I've seen so many bloggers sporting that beautiful top. I want it… I also picks up a couple skirts like that at Target… but the colorful ones. 🙂 You look great Dea!!xx Love & Aloha

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