We Have A Winner!!

The time is here to announce the winner, so without further ado…..the winner of the giveaway is Amy Kelinda !!!! Random.org spat out the results and I was happy to see who the winner is!! Amy, email me your contact info so I can get the book to you!!

As a quick follow-up to last night’s post: the topic was important to me and I definitely wanted to share with all my new blog friends because even though we all are fans of pretty clothes, sometimes you need to get real and talk about things that just get on your nerves!! I really appreaciated everyone’s comments and it was powerful being able to learn about what you all think and the experiences you’ve had.

Back to fashion-related news, I went by Anthro yesterday to return a couple of things (okay so it was a lot, but I’m indecisive and that’s okay) and had a little time to try on a couple of things. Again, no camera in-hand so I’ll just share links.

The Seabound Skirt was just a delight, I absolutely fell for it as soon as I put it on. I love the graphic print, the flow, the fact that it’s soft which is a must for summer, and of course, the pockets! I tried the 0 and the fit was good, although a bit higher on the waist. I could go for a 2 to have it sit on my lower waist, but I was pleased with the length and wouldn’t want it longer.

Also, I was really happy to find the Two Paths Trench at my store because I had been admiring from afar for a while. I’ve never owned a trench coat and the thought of having one with little feminine tiers, it just makes it that much more appealing. I tried the 0 and the fit was awesome, and still had room for layering. I really wish I had my camera for this one and seriously seriously considering it!

Also, I quickly grabbed one of the last Climbing Cowlneck tops in my size and while really wanted the white and sky colors to work, I ended up going for the navy. I pictured it with yellow, cotton skirts, and tan wedges. Lovely!


5 thoughts on “We Have A Winner!!

  1. Hi! I just wanted to say that one reason I like your blog is because I feel that you are a kind person. I am sorry that you had to witness that horrible behavior the other night. Sharing your anger is a way to make us all more aware of "ugliness" in the world. It made me want to be kinder to people in order to erase some of that negativity. I want to make the world "prettier" – and if I could do it wearing that lovely trench, it would be much, much prettier.

  2. ebe- you are the cutest thing ever and I truly enjoy your comment and your willingness to learn from something unkind and turn it around to make it positive. I absolutely love it, and your statement encourages me to do the same and follow your footsteps!

  3. Aww man, I tried on the trench too and LOVED it. However, nearly $200 is something I can't do right now so I hope it'll stick around until I get paid at the end of the month! Thanks for the prize!!!

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