Flower Kicks

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My fashion inspiration for this morning were these cuties, and the outfit was built around them. Quickie post this evening since I realize that I’ve completely neglected my schoolwork and what kind of global health ambassador would I be if I’m not on my game??
And can I just quickly add how much I adore this dress, and even better now that I have it in my actual size! Lesson learned: never underestimate the fit of your clothes- it makes a big difference in how you pull it off.

anthropologie horizon line dress
ae skinny cardigan
anthropologie twinkle headband
kohl’s tights
anthropologie modern toile oxfords


20 thoughts on “Flower Kicks

  1. I love this outfit, everything from your head down to your shoes. I've never thought to wear Oxfords with this dress before! Definitely takes away a little sweetness and makes it more chic.

  2. I love those shoes! They're so funky and cute! And you're right – fit is key! It can make something unflattering look amazing and even help you miraculously shed pounds! I keep trying to tell this to my friend who always wears waaaay oversized clothes, but she never listens!

  3. katie- absolutely! I love when that happenstien- I agree that the shoes took the dress to another level and made it a bit sportytara b- thanks lady!sharonlei- the scallops are my favorite part and don't know where I was without them!!amy kelinda- keep working on your friend and maybe help her get just one form-fitting piece?? You're so right that something ill-fitting can make you look frumpy and take away from the beauty of the piece!

  4. I love it! I still cannot believe I have not yet worn my Horizon Line Dress.Oh, also…you might want to check out my latest blog post:)I will want your address…you can email me at 79.shannon at gmail.com

  5. ooh, i love this outfit and i'm reminded once again that i have yet wear my horizon line dress. and i agree, fit really changes everything..which is why i get really excited when anthro has petite sizes on some of the dresses. also, i LOVE those oxfords.

  6. Such a pretty outfit, as usual Dea πŸ™‚ Love the bright blue against the dusty blue of the Horizon Line, it just works together so nicely! And of course all that blue combined with the setting of your pictures is reminding me of Alice in Wonderland (since its on the brain these days), which makes me smile πŸ™‚

  7. Great outfit. Oh, how I long for that dress, which I'll never find in a 0. But I do love the blue cardi with it and the oxford shoes are especially cute!

  8. I love those shoes & that cardigan! I think this is my favorite outfit with that dress. Also, I am a global health student too! Are you getting your phd?

  9. lisa- yep, I got a haircut about 2 weeks ago and like the lightness of it!odessa- you should definitely bring out your horizon line dress and pretend it's a new purchase!! That can help you stay strong with the no-shoppinggoldenmeans- I'm dying to go see Alice in Wonderland so you saying that brings a big smile to my face!rosa- yey for being twins!mary- I'm doing an MPH, but one day a Phd might be in the works as well…so tell me, what are you focusing on in your studies??

  10. Hey! I am getting my MPH (1st year) as well, in global epi. I don't know why I thought you were PhD…I guess you go to UNC? That's an awesome program!

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