My Uninspired Outfit

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Been feeling kind of sluggish today and haven’t gotten much accomplished. I remembered that I missed the premiere of Housewives of NYC so got caught up with the first two episodes of the season and can I just say that I think they’re my favorite housewives because they’re in the city, and because they’re all about status. I can’t believe how often they get into arguments, and about everything and anything at all, so I was entertained for a couple of hours.

The last few days I haven’t been really inspired to get dressed. Don’t know what it is but just feeling blah about everything I own or what I’ve recently purchased. Maybe it’s just been one of those couple of days or perhaps it’s hitting me that my break is about to be over and very soon I have to report back to responsibilities. I really don’t like being in a fashion funk b/c I know I can throw some things together, but the last few days I’ve been lacking serious inspiration. Which brings me to what I put together for today..

doesn’t my face look so sad?

banana republic blouse

anthropologie scalloped dots skirt
anthropologie berry bush tights (in black)
ae disheveled pearl necklace

alloy booties


12 thoughts on “My Uninspired Outfit

  1. Awww, sorry to hear you feel like you're in a rut. I've been feeling that way myself, too, especially since I am not trying to spend money. I like this outfit! But I understand the rut. When I'm not particularly liking something, an easy fix for me has been swapping out the shoes for something fun and/or embelished. I was at Anthro today and guess what I saw?! Those Seychelles flat you posted a couple of weeks ago. In all colors. The mint version is really cute, but I think I'm drawn to the pink and cream version more.Hope you feel better! Oh, and don't think of it as sad, but artistic. It's a great spin on it, don't you think?

  2. I think it's hard to feel inspired this time of year because of the weather. That's my excuse anyway 🙂 You look great though, and I've loved your outfits lately! If you're feeling uninspired it's not showing!

  3. tien- thanks so much for your words. I don't know what's wrong with me, maybe it's the rain?! Good to know I'm not the only one feeling uninspired, but good idea on snazzing it up with something embellished.Oh wow, you saw them in person- I bet they were gorgeous. The nude color is definitely easy to fall for b/c it goes with so much.katie- thanks so much for your inspiration and support. I will most definitely blame my funk on the weather!!

  4. Hmm, that is very weird because I have been feeling the same way as well. I think your outfit today looks stylish as usual, and your face reads "deep in thought" to me, which is much better than "sad."These days will pass…

  5. I'm sorry you're feeling down. Some of friends and I were just discussing this. It seems "the blues" are hitting us harder than H1N1 did. I think most of mine is connected to the weather.Despite the funk,you look great:)

  6. I quite like this outfit. However, I have that same feeling of being stuck in an uninspired fashion rut sometimes, and when those days come around, I simply lounge about in my jammies- I don't look half as pretty as you do in these pics. I love Tien's spin on things- it's true, if you think of your outfits as an outlet for your creative urges, then it's only natural that you will at times hit something akin to a writer's block, sartorially. Off point, but I wanted to ask you about the Zachary Smile Tuxedo skirt you wore a few weeks ago. I LOVED that outfit and have been craving that skirt ever since, but it seems it's only available in a size 4 online, and I usually take a 0 in skirts, maaaaybe a 2 if they run small like the Sweet Life Skirt. What's your take on it?xo

  7. I think you look great Dea! I've been having regrets about not getting that skirt when it went on sale. :/I totally understand about feeling blah & in a fashion rut. I really think it's the weather transisition of winter to spring. I think most of us are growing old of the same old winter outfits & are ready for our pretty spring outfits. I hope you are having a brighter day today!

  8. coco- you too?? Wow, what's going on?? Maybe it's the in-between seasons feel, where there's remnants of the winter but the spring is so near..courtnee- so interesting, you're feeling the same way! I just hate feeling this way, especially with a full closet!tara- I actually took a 2 in this skirt and it's very form-fitting, so perhaps the 4 wouldn't be that big on you. It just sits high on the waist (the cumberbund part) and the cut is narrow. Hope this helps.And you know, even though I'm with you on wearing jammies, sometimes that worsens my mood even more!

  9. I'm sad to hear that you've been feeling like you're stuck in a sartorial rut! It probably is because you know your break's almost over, which is a sad, sad feeling! I hope your mood picks up soon, though!For what it's worth, though, I love the outfit you have on. The top is so romantic, especially with that skirt!

  10. I haven't seen this season's real housewives of NY yet. They were my favs until NJ came along (I live near the NJ housewives hehe). I know what you mean about feeling uninspired with outfits! Whenever I feel stressed at work it really affects the way I dress. I really like this outfit though, it's very pretty and lady like! I love polka dots!

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