Gasparilla Sidewalk Art Festival

To continue with the excitement of what constitutes my spring break, we decided to make a trip to Tampa and check out the arts festival that had taken over part of downtown. The two-hour drive was well worth it because there were so many artists showcasing such unique pieces that it kept us entertained for hours. We kept envisioning how different pieces would look in our ‘imaginary home that we’ll own one day’. We walked our little tails off! The day was just perfectly gorgeous, and the sun was so so bright, so when you check out the shots below I swear I’m not annoyed- just squinting from the sun.

Also have to mention the cutest little shoes ever- the Ringsend Heels! Since most sizes are currently on backorder at Anthro’s site, I took myself over to and got them super-quick and no tax either! The shoes are really comfortable and after being on my feet all day, I felt no pain whatsoever. I actually got them a 1/2 smaller than my usual and it was a good decision so I’d recommend doing that if you’re considering snapping these up.

anthropologie reed shirtdress
anthropologie leaps and bounds belt
free people tights
seychelles ringsend heels


9 thoughts on “Gasparilla Sidewalk Art Festival

  1. I saw the shoes in Endless, too. they are called Rita I think by Seychelles. And they came in two color choices. I think it's almost better to order from Endless bc of the uber fast shipping and no tax!!!! I'm all for the next day shipping at endless. The shirt dress looks so cute belted on you.

  2. I love this dress! I saw a girl trying it on in red the last time I was in Anthro and I had to keep myself from buying it. It's so versatile.You look great as usual:)

  3. Such a dolly! You look beautiful in this dress, and the belt and shoes are wonderful compliments! Reed and I didn't work out – sadly, he packed his bags and went back to CS last week.

  4. ady- it is the best dress to throw on and go, right? Can't wait to see how you wore it.beli- thanks lady!eunice- these shoes are the best because they have so much character.pamela- I'm right there with you- Endless is the way to go for so many reasons. The no tax, free shipping and super-fast delivery make me really happy.courtnee- the dress is totally versatile and amazed at your self-restraint. I couldn't wait for it to go on sale!jan- you are too funny! With all the blogs reviewing so many items, I think that everything would look good on me, but then I try something on and it's TOTALLY different than what I expected.

  5. I LOVE THIS! You look amazing! I love the wide belt with the dress, it's so perfect! And BAH, I hate sunny days when I'm without my sunglasses, haha! I don't know how you managed. It must have been so awesome walking around outside and looking at art!

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