Shining So Bright & Quick Dressing Room Changes

 There’s nothing like being home on a beautiful Florida day. There is something so familiar about pulling in to the driveway, walking inside and smelling home-cooked meals. These are the moments when I’d like to transport my mom to our place so she can take care of us, but then after a few days pass, I remember why I love her so much but also TOTALLY enjoy/need/covet my(our) space.

So outfit of the day was all about celebrating being home and enjoying the weather. I remember why I love this dress so much: the crinoline layer underneath that gives it that ‘extra’ poof. I love how the top is shaped- kind of like an’ old-school brassiere that I can’t fully fill out but you know, I still pretend in my own way!

anthropologie centifolia corset dress
ae cardi
gap pointelle tights
lulus maryjanes
target cluster bracelet

This past Tuesday I hightailed it to my local Anthro with the major sale extravaganza and was committed to find something that would work for me. Doesn’t take much to convince me so I knew it would be an easy feat.

I had been wanting to try on the State Fair Dress since I saw it online because I liked it’s cut and color. I tried the size 0 and it fit me great. No loose arm holes and very flattering all around. I also liked the material because it was a tad bit stiff so it wouldn’t wrinkle easily. It’s pretty long for a short dress as I’m 5’7 and hit me right above the knees. I definitely like this dress for the button design and the little ruffles on the shoulders. Wishlisted!

Next up is the Swinging Sweetheart Dress and I wasn’t the biggest fan before trying it on and still not a fan after. This dress just didn’t do anything for me! I took the size 0 and the fit is fine, but I just wasn’t impressed and the cut was not flattering for my body. It felt like it was just hanging on me and there was no shape to it. I love the top part with the ruffled trim around the sleeves and collar but that’s about it. The rest of the dress felt cheap to me, and I hate saying that about Anthro clothes.

This is silly, but I had ordered the Larkspur Capelet Dress online before going to the store because I was worried I wouldn’t find my size at the store and didn’t want to risk it. Well, I should have waited and thank goodness for free shipping because this dress didn’t work for me either! I tried the 0, and first, I just have to confess that I had trouble putting it on due to the cape-confusing! It didn’t look right when I put it on, with the back kind of showing but then covered by the cape, so pass. I had the same trouble with this dress, that I didn’t get any shape from wearing this dress, and even though I could have thrown a belt over it, it wasn’t worth it to me. Too bad, because I really wanted it to work.

The darling Lime Juice Dress! I wanted to try this on before but never found my size, so on sale day I luckily found it and get all excited! I quickly put it on, retied the two ties, and took a good look at myself. Nothing. What, a third time of no magic!! Just wasn’t feeling it, again because I tried hard to find shape in the dress. Tried a 0 and the fit is great, the material is really smooth, and the feel is comfortable.The color is beautiful, I love the ruffles at the collar, but the rest just didn’t wow me. Again.

Okay, well since the dresses weren’t working, I’ll try a cardigan since then I’ll only have to deal with half of my body. The Midnight Daisy Cardigan it is. Up close I really really like the yellow color of the cardi, the design, and especially the scribbled flowers to give it that unique Anthro appearance. It only has a couple of buttons so it’s a given that you wear something underneath, which almost gives me a jacket feel, just because I can’t wear it alone. I tried the XS and the fit was still a bit big- the sleeves felt bigger than needed so again, that ‘jacket’ thought came up again. The material felt itchy, not really comfortable, so I’ll have to wear something underneath, again, the ‘jacket’ thing!

Finally, a dress that works works WORKS! The magical Around The World Dress is my favorite! I love the linen material because it’s breezy cool against my skin. I love that it’s white and light. I love the band of colors on the full skirt. I love that I can wear little cardis over it and it will look like a full skirt. I like that it will be perfect with a brown belt and strappy leather sandals. Have I convinced myself how much I like it yet? My work here is done.

14 thoughts on “Shining So Bright & Quick Dressing Room Changes

  1. I love that dress… and I'm so jealous of you Anthro visits… 😦 ha ha… Still wishin' they'd open one up here! Hope you have a fabulous weekend Dea!!!xx Love & Aloha

  2. omg Dea, i just bought that dress too!!! i've been wanting to try the Drifting By dress because i was so obsessed with it but when i saw it and tried it on IRL, it just didn't do anything for me. i think i had the same dressing room saga as you, i tried on so many dresses but nothing worked. until i tried the Around the World dress (which was a 0-petite, someone must have returned it that day) and it was perfect. love, love, love.and just like that i broke my shopping hiatus, well sort of, because i did return another dress that was too long for me πŸ™‚

  3. The Around the World Dress looks perfect on you. The other dresses didn't do anything for your cute figure. The last dress was the clincher! I can't wait to see how you style it. The dresses with full skirts look so good on you!!!By the way, I love the hanging lantern/light fixture in your mom's backyard!!!

  4. i have the around the world dress on my wishlist…i love it!dea, your outfit today… i think we may share some shopping gene. i just bought that dress on sale last week because it felt like an "old fashioned" kind of dress. i'm trying to save it for our honeymoon. you look great!

  5. sharonlei- I do wish for you that they seriously consider opening up an Anthro store in Hawaii. So many gorgeous people for a beautiful store!odessa- Man, so you broke the no-shopping ban, huh? I definitely do admire your will though, however long it lasted, hehe!! Very happy to hear that you got this dress, and I'm sure you'll look beautiful in it- I'll have to check you out on your blog!pamela- thanks lady, you so know me! I do think I have a tendency towards dresses cut that way- tight on the top and fluffy at the bottom. Not forgetting the love I possess for pencil skirts-ha! I haven't bought it- yet- but feel like it should go on sale soon…let's hope let's hope let's hope!!courtnee- I would be so lucky as to share a shopping gene with you because I always admire how you put things together. So excited that you've got a great dress lined up for your honeymoon. I secretly can't wait to see your wedding dress!

  6. I love both your outfit for today and the around the world dress. I just bought the lime juice dress, and I agree that it is not fitted at all, but with a belt, I LOVE it!

  7. dea, i didn't buy anything for more than 2 weeks bec i was supposed to give up shopping for lent. and to be honest with you, i was actually really torn at the cash register when i was about to pay for the dress. but what sealed the deal for me was that you can hand wash it and that it came in a petite (i'm only 5'1"). so yeah, i'm very happy with the purchase and can't wait to wear it for easter! πŸ™‚

  8. Oh Dea, the Around the World dress is darling on you! Great choice! I like the State Fair dress too, but they didn't have it at my local Anthro when I went the other day. I too tried on the Lime Juice dress & felt the same way as you – disappointed. But that's ok, I managed to grab the Bayside dress for $29.95! πŸ™‚

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