The Long Way Home

Happy to report that we safely made it to my hometown in Florida after an extremely long car ride. Today reminded me of how difficult it is for me to sit still and confined in a small space. Even though I drive a Fit, still felt claustrophobic and stuck. It took us almost 9 ever-lasting hours and looking back, can’t believe I spent so much time in a car!! To break the monotony of it all, we stopped in Savannah to stretch our legs and take in the amazing beauty that exists in this city. Oh how I love the leaning trees, the bricked pathways, and the winding staircases. I wish we had more time to explore, and I’m really thinking of stopping by again on the way home. Any recommendations for food??

I saw this robe at my local Anthro a few weeks ago on sale and right away was reminded on how Tien and Goldenmeans wore it as a dress. Hmm, a robe as a dress you say? Done!! I love the print in person, and loved the ‘robe’ concept of layers and ties so decided to wear something underneath “just in case” there was a lot of wind. Plus, I adore how the ruffles peeked out.

anthropologie rinzu robe
anthropologie bertie chemise
j crew sweater
anthropologie metallic tights (superhero tights)
anthropologie whispered trail boots

14 thoughts on “The Long Way Home

  1. Hahaha, I love the photo with the mannequins! You're so adorable! I saw that robe being worn as a dress on goldenmeans too! She looked gorgeous in it and so do you! You gals really know how to wear your clothes! I've never been to Savannah but I hear it is GORGEOUS. One of my friends went to SCAD there!

  2. This past weekend, I just did a little over 5 hour trip back to my home in Jacksonville, FL. With 2 boys (4yrs and 2 yrs) and husband! Whew! I know how you feel being stuck in a car!But I went to the local anthro everyday while I was there! Too bad I had to leave Tues. morn! I did go there, but they hadn't marked down anything yet so I had NO IDEA what was on sale! I was mad! Have fun in FL. Your traveling robe/dress was awesome!Gemma

  3. I love that whole look you put together. I should've purchased that robe myself, if I were as creative as you, Tien and Anjali, and thought to wear it as a dress. You look gorgeous!Having only been to Savannah once, I would recommend Garibaldi's if you're looking for a really nice dinner, or Vinny Van Go-Gos for casual pizza (both at City Market). I never ate at Vinny's but it was because there was always a freakin' line out of the door at that place – it must be good!

  4. Oh, girl…Savannah! One of my all-time favorite cities EVER. My husband and I honeymooned there and pretty much ate our way through the entire city. Here are some AMAZING places to eat: *if you like southern food and you like Paula Deen (food network) you should definitely make a stop at Lady & Sons Restaurant. It's a little touristy, but soooo worth the stop. We went there on our last day in town and were mad we hadn't gone sooner. Mrs. Wilke's Dining Room is also another good southern food place. They serve family style.*The Gryphon Tea Room was a true gem we discovered. It's on the corner of one of the squares downtown…can't remember which one. The serve mainly lighter fare that goes along with tea (scones, quiche, biscuits, soup, etc) but I believe they also do lunch. *For a fancier dining experience, Elizabeth's on 37 or the Olde Pink House restaurants are both very, very good. *Soho South Cafe is a good place for a casual, fun meal. They serve lunch and dinner, I believe. Hope this helps! Let us know where you end up going 🙂

  5. Oooh, please post pictures! I am definitely a cold-climate loving girl, but I do love me some Southern towns. It has been too long since I have been anywhere south of…well, anywhere, really. I mean, New Orleans about 10 years ago??!!? I need my fix!Love the robe as dress idea. Used to do that more, need to start again.(It's Shannon from rubyshoeblues–I moved the blog and now have the "google account" sign in–sorry for any confusion!)

  6. I would never have known that was a robe!!! What a comfy thing to wear in the car!!! I love it!!Great pics. That city looks beautiful and I dream of visiting there one day…

  7. The Anthro in Jax seemed on the smaller side with the regular priced and sale section. I live in SC 2 hours from Atlanta and Charlotte and am used to seeing bigger stores with a bigger sale section. However, the Jax store is only a few years old and I don't think there's a die hard following for the store yet over there. But because I don't live near one and was only visiting my parents for the weekend, I still went crazy. Only wish I could have stayed till after they marked down on Tuesday!Enjoy your time there, hopefully it will be warmer!Gemma

  8. love your outfit and the pics, esp the last one at the tattoo place. you look so fresh after a 9-hour drive, i would have been so exhausted. enjoy your break! 🙂

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