Felted Lei

All this talk of locating Felted Lei cardigans on Roxy’s blog reminded me that I need to pull mine out and prance around with. Geez, I love this sweater, but don’t know how much value to place on that statement since I love everything lately. It’s kind of ridiculous how Anthro has taken over my closet, and drawers, and floor space, but it does make me happy and it does make me enjoy getting dressed so why not!

Oh, and the March catalog came in the mail and it was M-A-G-I-C-A-L. I was drooling over each page and each item. I can’t even begin to imagine the thoughts and planning that goes into creating each catalog theme, the location, the models, the outfits, the decor, the home apparel, the travel….aaahhh, what I wouldn’t give to be a part of it all. Even if I was just the water girl- you know, the person who sprays water from a water bottle on the models’ hair to give it that wavy/messy/bird-nest/just got out of the ocean “look”.

So in the midst of taking pictures, I realized that a certain body part I wont mention sort of gave it away that I was pretty cold- hence, the 4th shot!
anthropologie felted lei cardigan
anthropologie great escape skirt
free people tights
aldo equia pumps

32 thoughts on “Felted Lei

  1. Aw, you look so pretty! The outfit is head to toe perfect. I love the magical unexpected combination of light blue, golden yellow and white and the way the colors are reflected down in the shoes as well! Now you have me hankering for the Great Escape skirt missy — and I did *not* need anymore hard-to-get items on my Anthro wishlist 😉

  2. Oh goodness, I don't blame you for being cold! But you're a trooper for taking those lovely photos outside! The cardigan is just gorgeous, and I love it with the yellow of the skirt. Oh man, I feel like I need the shoes you're wearing, too! You look so fresh!

  3. Ooo I really love this outfit Dea! You styled everything so nicely together. You look so cute in you "freezing cold" pose. :)You know what's funny? When I was ordering the oxfords yesterday, I thought of you & wondered if by chance you would be ordering them too, haha! Great (Anthro) minds do think alike! 😛

  4. I just ordered the same cardigan yesterday and I can't wait to receive it! You look gorgeous in that cardigan. We have similar build but I hope it would look almost as good on me as on you!

  5. Wow! You look adorable! I would have never thought of those two colors together, but it looks awesome and the shoes really tie the whole look together. 🙂

  6. I adore your outfit Dea – it's probably my favorite of yours ever 🙂 Awesome combo, and aren't those shoes so versatile? I just love them!

  7. you look so happy in all those pictures! and pretty too! i got my march catalog in the mail also. my hubby rolled his eyes (and smiled) when he saw it. i think he had the 'oh no what is she going to get now' look on. lol

  8. katie- thanks, and the shoes are so much fun!roxy- thanks so much, I love this thing to death!alicia- I know, I should definitely wear this cardi more often.sharonlei- thanks! For storing cardis, they're all folded in a couple of drawers! There's a lot of them..I know…goldenmeans- Anjali, you make me want everything you have on so I definitely recognize that feeling! pam- thank you- the colors just sort of came to me last night..amy.kelinda- I LOVE looking fresh, that just made my day. And yes, the shoes rock!Athena- you're too cute, but you know, I was thinking the same thing! When I order I'm thinking "who else is getting this?"krameymartin- thanks, I love the color combo as well.gem_in_the_city- you are going to love this cardi, I promise! I'm sure it will look awesome on you and would love to see it!rubyshoeblues- hahaha, isn't that how it always goes? You see someone wear something and then…you want it!angela- Jewel with this cardi? Do tell which music video, although I feel like I never see those anymore!tara- love that you're trying to sell your shoes on the post!! HAHAady- I know, it just randomly came to me to pair these two together, and love how the work with the shoes..summerilla- I love this color as well, and could definitely begin a collection of mint/blue cardis!kim- thanks so much. These shoes are in my existence because of you so great taste lady!

  9. thehalcyonlife- I know that look! It's the one my almost-hubby gets when the packages roll in…it's crazy sometimes how often the UPS guy drops buy.

  10. I really, really love this outfit! I wouldn't have thought to combine these colors, but it looks amazing! So cute! I'm going to try to recreate this myself, as I have the sweater and the shoes.

  11. Soooooo pretty outfit! I have that cardi and I am going to this color combo.When I saw the post and then starting with the very first photo, I told myself, "Oh My God! Let me better find a very thick camisole so that none of my bits show like that! I hope the saw those photos before posting them." I LOL-ed when I scrolled down to read your comment about that.I am going to get a very thick cardi first before debuting this cardi.

  12. Ok, I'd totally decided to return this cardi (I got a size that's a bit too big because it was all they had; I have two other cardis in the same color; and I like getting money back) but now I see this outfit and I'm like "I CAN'T return that beautiful cardi!"Thanks a lot, lol.

  13. chrissy- glad I gave you a new color combo to try out and look forward to seeing the outfit!emma wallace- I loved how you named both colors- genious!christen- thanks for stopping by and yes, the details on the cardi are my favorite ever-they come alive!elaine- I love these details as well!anon- umm, yeah, thanks for noticing my bits!! And yes, I for sure noticed and it was ridiculous!! Great idea on getting a thicker cami-very important in these types of situations!anon2- I don't typically dry-clean very often and honestly, I simply hand wash all sweaters and sweater dresses. I've even experiemented with cold wash and gentle cycle and nothing scarred!haute hardware- thanks so much and welcome to the blog!! Always love new peeps coming around..lauren s- hahahahaha, so sorry for influencing you. I haven't seen your other cardis, but I bet they don't have the details the felted lei does!!!

  14. Aw, you look so pretty! The outfit is head to toe perfect. I love the magical unexpected combination of light blue, golden yellow and white and the way the colors are reflected down in the shoes as well! Now you have me hankering for the Great Escape skirt missy — and I did *not* need anymore hard-to-get items on my Anthro wishlist 😉

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