Casual Dots

Leave it to Anthro to get me into dots. I don’t think I owned anything with dots before, but then I saw this sweater and it was all over. Especially with the black lace pairing at the collar? All over hands down. I was so happy when I located it on sale a few months back, I think in ATL, and became the happy owner. I love it’s fuzziness and how it keeps me warm on a day such as this, when there’s talk of snow, again! Didn’t anyone realize that it’s March in NC, this snow business doesn’t stretch very far round these parts.
Today I just wanted to be really comfortable and warm as I fight this little bug. Had forgotten how good it feels to put on your favorite jeans and carry on with the day. The outfit is not too exciting, but sometimes it’s like that and at the beginning of all this I said I’d document the good, the bad, and the ugly, except that let’s all hope I don’t ever get to the ugly part.

Went to the local Anthro today and tried on some things, oldies and newbies, so I’ll be sharing that later on. I realized I don’t have a lot of patience for trying on and photographing pants, as I seemed to lean towards dresses and skirts.

anthropologie laced dotted sweater
f21 skinnies
ross black boots


15 thoughts on “Casual Dots

  1. Ooo, I like this! It's not bad to be "simple" sometimes, and you do simple really well! In fact, the skinny jeans and boots pairing really draws all the attention to the super cute polka-dotted sweater! And isn't it crazy how Anthro can put out something that makes you reconsider your previous fashion aversions? Anthro made me fall in love with peplum skirts, even after I was so sure that peplum skirts would look awful on me!

  2. I am ALL about simple – I think you look fantastic – the sweater fits you perfectly! And I love the cute pop of color with your red barette – you are darling!

  3. Very pretty Dea! I like your "simple" outfit…most days I'm all about simple. Can't wait to hear/see what you purchased today (I got the golden disc oxfords). 🙂

  4. amy.kelinda- don't I know it, because I didn't even know what a peplum skirt was! Thanks Anthro for opening up my eyes…and wallet!sweet tea- the lace is definitely my favorite part.jan russell- aww thanks so much, and for noticing the barette!! Plus, I see you've been busy over at Roxy's blog!!sharonlei- thanks so much cutie!ady- what a funny comment! I too realize I don't wear pants very often. It's Anthro's influence for sure..athena- would you believe that I also ordered those oxfords!! It's a bit of a gamble, but I went for it, they look like heaps of fun.elaine- sometimes comfort is just necessary. thank you for the best wishes, I think I'm on the way to recovery!!katie- thanks so much and welcome!thehalcyonlife- haha, I can definitely see how it could be challenging convincing hubs to get into polka dots!!

  5. I feel like it's so rare that I've seen you in jeans! In any case, it's a great outfit–I'm a fan of polkadots, and in this color scheme they are so wearable.

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