Making Wishlists

Today turned out to be one of those days where I didn’t want to have my picture taken. It doesn’t happen often, and if you asked anyone that knows me well, they’d be taken back because I’m notorious for posing in front of a camera. Enough about me, allow me to share with you some things that I’ve been seriously thinking about, and while most are from Anthro, J Crew and others make a cameo as well.

This cardigan is perfection in my eyes and the perfect little number for the spring. I can see this with so many skirts I own, dresses, even with a flowy tank and shorts. Ahh, the possibilities.
I don’t know if anyone else has been captivated by this little cardi/jacket but I just love its uniqueness. When I first laid eyes on it in the January catalog something stood out, but not enough. Lately, I keep going back to it and wonder if it’s at my store. I just love the sky color and the parisian-inspired scarf.
If it looks familiar, that’s because it’s almost a replica of the Emerald Cut dress. Its sister I’d say, and I’m deeply enamored by it. I love the color red and this dress definitely stands out. Already owning the Emerald, I’d say the fit would be perfect and oh so flattering.
This dress reminds me of icing on a cupcake- it’s so smooth, creamy, just perfect. It would be perfect for a late summer night date by the water, or maybe paired with ballet flats for a tea party with my closests. It’s definitely something I really like, but I have enough dresses that I can wait for a sale. Unless something we’ve been expecting turns out positively, and then it’s a celebratory dress!!
I can’t decide for sure, but I think that I’m digging these shoes. I think they would be perfect in the summer when I get tan (it does happen), and they would match my skin. Just wondering about the fit if they slip on, then there’s a chance they could be loose.
J Crew is always dangerous with their promotions, and now they’ve got an EXTRA30 for all sale items. This skirt is on my list of potentials because I love its silver shine. I can see it dressed up but also dressed down with a simple black v-neck cotton tee and a long necklace. What’s my profession again?
This top reminds me a lot of the free-flow tank from Anthro, but I prefer this one specifically because the ruffles extend on the back as well. I like how it looks belted as well, and it just feels so delicate. Must look for it at the store.
I just love this shoe! The color aqua, the petal, the open toe, the design, so so delicate. I can picture it with white dresses, yellow dresses, pink dresses, any dresses!
Aaahhhh, so many pretty items, so little money! Seriously, why are there such big price tags on beautiful clothes anyway? Don’t we all deserve to feel and look pretty and not pay very much? Or maybe I should just focus on wanting less and being happy with more…hmmm

13 thoughts on “Making Wishlists

  1. Great picks, Dea! What's so funny about those Seychelles flat is that I almost bought them, but remembered I was supposed to be saving money, so I didn't. I do think they are so cute! They would look great on you.

  2. Oh those shoes are lovely. Very detailed but somehow simple looking, which is great.I think you would look great in pretty much all these pieces, but that J. Crew skirt is gorgeous.

  3. I love the Kerchief Cardi as well, just bummed that is has yet to reach any of the stores in my area. Here's to hoping it goes on sale next month before FS is up!

  4. Anon- good question, had to look at them again!! I still stick with the Seychelles just because they're more of a sandal, and I want my feet breathing in the summertime.

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