I think it’s finally caught up with me: I might be coming down with something. Nnooooooooooooooooo!! How could this happen? Actually, I’ve got an idea…it was probably the running in 30 degree weather with 10 mph wind. My stubbornness once again rears its little head and now I’m left with the sniffles.

Just a regular old Monday, except that I know the week will be a short one since honey and I will be heading down to Florida. Need to get the ipod ready for the 9-hour drive and also start looking at any fun places to stop along the way. Isn’t it a bit ridiculous that as soon as the trip was confirmed I started thinking about where’s the nearest Anthro to my hometown. Ridiculous, but I’m always up for visiting a different store and getting a whole new experience. Plus, I want to see how the Florida Anthro does it..maybe more summer items?

This skirt is heaven and just gorgeous (how excited I get about skirts!). I love the mint green, the detailed embroidery, the pink flowers with the golden lining…love it! It is just a given, hands down, that J Crew is the one and only in my book when it comes to pencil skirts. I wanna say all my pencil skirts probably come from there. Oh, and all my solid tees, because they know how to make a soft tee feel like it’s not even on! (but so glad it IS on)

j crew tissue crewneck tee
j crew jardin jacquard pencil skirt
anthropologie stormy sea necklace
gray tights
seychelles t-straps

14 thoughts on “Embroidered

  1. well, of course you're starting to feel under the weather when you are getting ready to travel! Oh man!!!! Have a great time in FL! Are you posting from the road? I, too, love visiting J.Crew and Anthro in other cities when I visit! The color combos in that skirt are so pretty and vintage looking. I agree, J.Crew does the perfect pencil skirt.

  2. You look gorgeous and spring-like today. I love the aqua blue and rose pink together.Have fun on your trip to FL! My BF hates roadtripping, but I find it kind of fun and exciting to see America stretched out in front of me.

  3. This might be my favorite outfit of yours — love the skirt and all the different colors.Hope you're feeling better before your big trip! I'd be interested to see how Florida Anthros are different too!- JoAnn, Sidewalk Chalk

  4. I really love this look! Im like a little obsessed with it, you always look amazing but I want to copy this outfit now:) I have a similar pencil skirt but it's tan in the background..I may try this out with my stormy necklace…anyway ❤

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