Haircut, Dress-Up, and The Limited Fitting Room

My willingness to dress up on any occassion was proven once again when this morning at 8:30 I’m standing in line at the Aveda Institute among a sea of women attired in sweaters and jeans. Of course it makes sense- it’s too early in the morning, plus the weekend hours, so there’s no reason to get all fancy. Except that I don’t follow that logic, and will pull out tights and a skirt regardless of what’s going on. And so I got a haircut and really like it. It was only an inch and a half, but I feel lighter in the….

I love this skirt, and can’t just save it for special occassions, well, unless you count a Saturday morning at Aveda a special occassion then yes, we’re right on track here! It’s all bubbly and bright, cheers me right up.

j crew ruffled top
anthropologie crimson bubbles skirt
anthropologie the-in-crowd necklace
target ribbed tights
aldo t-straps

Besides getting my hair did, I wondered over to The Limited, which is a store that I hadn’t been to in years. I was inspired by goldenmeans and caffeinerd to check out the selections they had out for spring, and I was not disappointed. There were a lot of bright colors, mixed in with some drabby, dark office apparel, but the majority of the stuff looked like spring was in full bloom! I have to say that my main reason was to check out this little number, and after caffeinerd sent me some very friendly coupons, I had even more of a desire to go. And the results are good, really good!

I just LOVE this dress, especially, or specifically, because it reminds me of the Anthro Caranday dress, and since I haven’t been able to find it for the longest time, this is the best substitute I could ever find. I’m wearing a 0 here so fits pretty true to size. It has a cotton lining which I find fabulous, especially during the summer in case you happen to sweat! It’s very light on and just really comfortable. I also like the length, because it can be worn to more serious events and you don’t have to keep pulling down.

Next, I tried on the wide pocket pencil skirt just on a whim, mainly because the colors drew me in. I tried a 0 in these as well and fit is pretty good. Although it’s a pencil skirt, I didn’t find it too revealing, confining, or stiff. It’s made of cotton so it’s soft and easy to take care of. Beware of the images below: might see a bit of skin due to my short top, to be explained later. I tried both colors: yellow and cinnabar orange!

And finally, my surprise item, the frog closure cardigan, which is a bit reminiscent of the clinging blossoms cardigan from Anthro, and $30 cheaper. I loved the details on the brocades and the brass buttons were really cute. I had the XS on.

Just for the record, it is NEVER okay to leave the dressing room looking like this!! Overall, found a couple of things that were really cute and helped me think about spring clothes even more. Also want to mention that right now they have some really awesome coupons (example $30 off a dress) so if you want a copy, email and I’ll send it to you. I don’t know when I’d go back to The Limited again, but it was fun while it lasted. Any of you had experiences good/bad with this store?
And sorry again for all the belly shots (no cami present)!


27 thoughts on “Haircut, Dress-Up, and The Limited Fitting Room

  1. I have been thinking about trying the caranday copy too! You look so adorable in it. I don't even know where the limited is here because I never shop there… But I will find it!

  2. Although being freaked out by that wooden background of your pictures (way to spooky for me), i like your outfits :)That said, i am thanking you for commenting on my blog. I always appreciate fellow blogger´s comments, come bakc if you like to :-)Cheers,spoozy

  3. I love your style Dea! I've tried on that red skirt more than once and have not been able to pull the trigger, but I just love it. I may have to hunt one down now that I see how you wear it for everyday!

  4. OOh, I love the striped dress!I love getting dressed up to get my hair done. Even though I end up having to take off my top to wear the salon kimono. But I prefer to walk out of the salon with clothes AND hair looking good!!I would love it if you could email me a coupon!!!red_head4242(at)msn(dot)comThanks!!

  5. Wow, great finds at the Limited. I especially like that sweater on you! And hooray for nice haircuts and feeling motivated enough to dress up each day. I've seen this skirt looking great on both you and Rosa of Love at First Shop, and you both wore it for "normal" days… I think that's fantastic.

  6. I love your outfit today! I ordered that skirt and it just didn't work on me. So sad because it is really lovely!I am with you re: The Limited. I didn't go in there for like 10 years and now I'm intrigued again. Everything is really pretty in there (and I got those same coupons which makes it even more tempting!)

  7. Hi Dea,Love your blog! Could you email me the Limited coupon?I don't expect I'll ever find the Caranday dress again (and I refused to pay inflated ebay prices).Thank you!Ellenellen dot wr at gmail dot com

  8. Dea, Wow! This is my favorite outfit of yours!Could you send me the coupon as well?Also, what style of Aldo shoes are you wearing?They are delightful!!!Thanks!

  9. I really like your skirt! I also tend to dress up a lot – although it really does depend on the day – because sometimes a sweater and (eek – sweats!) are what I want 🙂

  10. Hi ladies,So glad I could be of help with the Limited coupon, which I give all the credit to caffeinerd. You should have received it by now, and if you haven't, send me an email and I'll re-send!!It definitely was a successful trip and loved the Caranday look-alike!

  11. Oh wow, I love that cardigan and the dress! The Limited has really stepped up! The last time I went to that store, I was bored by all the business clothes they had lying about. I definitely want to find that cardigan!

  12. the cardigan is adorable. i saw it in the store and it was already on my wish list. i may have to back for that and the dress. sounds like a great deal!

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