Anthro Free Shipping and Tulips

So by now I hope you’ve gotten word on the exciting and dangerous news that Anthropologie is offering free shipping, on any amount, to all its Anthrocard members. Amazing stuff right here, and I’m so glad I put myself on hold for ordering a couple of small things- today they left the wishlist and made it to the shopping basket, woo-hoo! It’s ridiculous how shipping costs make all the difference in the world in ordering something, because if it doesn’t work out, then you just wasted money that could have gone to something else ridiculously cute!! I hope this offer lasts forever…Anthro would get so much more traffic coming its way (not just from me)!

The day started with me and my camera, together trying to figure out how we would make it work, and we came up with this:

Took it to the boudoir due to bed lighting in the living room and well… just looks sad. There’s no definition of color, the camera is in my face, and well, I’m more focused on the picture then I am in posing!! Well, then the day wore on and when I got home who did I find? My trusty photographer!! And what’s the first thing I said after ‘hello’ ? “Let’s get our(mine) pictures taken!” It sounds selfish, but peeps, the light was leaving and I wanted quality!

anthropologie fosteriana cardigan
old navy ruffled cami
anthropologie leifsdottir honeyed peplum skirt
anthropologie pindot tights
wanted boots
I have to give a shout-out to amy kelinda for inspiring me to stalk after this skirt!! She makes it look so cute every time she puts it on, and I was just too excited when I found my size pop up on Ebay. I will wear this forever, it’s just that cute!! All about my tulips today. Is it spring yet??

11 thoughts on “Anthro Free Shipping and Tulips

  1. long time reader, first time poster! i'm totally inspired by your adorable outfit! i have the cardigan, skirt and tights–might just have to give it a try myself!thanks for the inspiration..looking fwd to more styling ideas from you! πŸ™‚

  2. Yay for free shipping! I hope it lasts for a loooong time!I've been wanting to order both colors of the berry bush tights as I have not found any in store & have been hesitant about ordering due to the shipping….and now they are on their way to me, yippie!Great outfit combination, you look stunning!

  3. omg, as a yellow fanatic, i am obsessed with your skirt! thanks for sharing the news about free shipping w/ anthro- i had NO idea! i'm totally with you on how much free shipping matters- very rarely do I order anything unless i have a free ship code!p.s. thank you for visiting my blog!

  4. oooh love that color combination!!!what did you get with free shipping? i'm kicking myself for ordering some stuff last week, and of course i succumbed to a small order today. eek!

  5. sweet tea- glad I could help and initiate Anthro orders!stefmsquared- yey for posting and yey for reading! Also excited that you have the same items and that I could help inspire in wearing them together. I want to see the results lady!!athena- right there with you, as today I placed an order of the black berry bush tights as well!! The other pair is such a favorite that I figure this pair will work just as great!rosa- finally placed an order for the gray snakebite belt, and also a sweater dress found hidden in the catalog. Not sure about it's sizing though..

  6. oooh, i love that skirt! you + pencil skirts are just made for each other. and your story about the first thing that you said to dr. love is too funny. we have to prioritize, right? :)p.s. free shipping sounds deadly. it will seriously test the limits of my self-control.

  7. I hear you on the allure of free shipping! I loves it, and it almost always makes me less hesitant to order. Because alas, if something doesn't work out, that's a good $10 that is wasted! And thanks for the shout out! I love that skirt and I'm so so so happy that you got one in your size because you look great in it! The peplum really works on you!

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