Garden Sunday

Yet another gorgeous day, completing what makes a heck of a weekend. Ridiculous how much weather affects my mood, as all the sunshine and warm temps these last two days have brought on a ton of energy and a desire to stay outdoors as much as possible. The high was 62 degrees so I stepped into unfamiliar territory and bared my arms and legs, unbelievable! I felt uncomfortably pale and in dire need of the sun. I think growing up in Florida has me accustomed and dependant upon a tan to prove my health, although too much sun and I’m in the danger zone!

I decided today that for spring break we’ll be driving down to my hometown and I’m actually really excited. I love that I grew up in a college town and get a kick out of all the orange and blue that’s on campus. That there is a hint of my Gator pride!!

So on to the outfit: simply had to wear this dress today because it was perfect for how the day felt- flowy and green. Another wonderful Ebay find that makes me very happy. You can also see it on Tien here rock it out with layers. I wish I could start gardening, and plant some things already! The other year, my friend and I got a plot of land in a community garden and grew all kinds of goodies like zucchini, squash, tomatoes, basil, eggplant, peppers- it was wonderful being able to eat food we actually watched grow from a seed. I miss that and hope to find another community garden when spring officially gets here.

anthropologie hyacinth trail dress
gap flats


16 thoughts on “Garden Sunday

  1. Dea, you look so beautiful in this spring inspired outfit! I have flats from J.Crew in a similar color but never really figured out the best colors to wear them with. Seeing this dress with the shades of green/natural/pink is wonderful inspiration. Thank you. 🙂

  2. Oh my! Now I have to get some yellow flats so I can wear mine like you do! You're dangerous for me… after seeing the Elodie Lily Cardigan on you, I just had to have it! Now, I will need to track down a pair of pretty yellow flats.

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