American Tobacco District

Continuing the gloating from yesterday, the weather here has been stupendous so we decided to spend as much time outdoors as possible. First there was a spare tire that needed to replace a flat one (not in the plans), and then some farmer’s market and car washing, and when that was done with, we decided to make a field trip to the friendly American Tobacco Trail in Durham. 

It was beautiful- downtown Durham has been restructured and revitalized, and the trail extends a pretty sound distance, but since we were on foot, thought that 4 miles would suffice. The part of the trail we explored was paved, and every few minutes biking families would pass us by and it seemed like everyone was outdoors enjoying the warm weather. It was a great day overall, and I really enjoyed exploring the new developments and found a great place for malts! It’s times like these where I’m glad I’m not in a really big city, because having nature and trails nearby helps me maintain serenity.

Since we were already outdoors, I decided to take the blog’s photos “on location” and loved it! Now I have to say that this dress has been in existence for over 3 years in my world, and for the first time today, the slip decided to extend past the lace- where it got this idea I don’t know, but since I can’t sew very well, I thought to just let it be and co-exist with the look. Let’s hope I looked more vintage and less sloppy.

dress from a local boutique
ae dotted tights
target purse
ae flats

As we were walking, a really sweet guy who was biking with his baby son offered to take a picture of us so decided to post it and reveal my photographer/Dr. Love.


16 thoughts on “American Tobacco District

  1. pamela- it was a great time, I wish we had walked further along, but was not wearing the appropriate shoes!eleanor- yey, so glad you like the slip out, makes me feel like I should keep the dress this way! And thanks for noting the happiness πŸ˜‰

  2. Dea–Is that your Dr. Love? He's stunning! Those cheekbones. If you have children, they are going to be so beautiful!I don't think it looks sloppy at all. Love the vintage lace of your dress! I'm a sucker for vintage lace. You look so spring perfect, I almost want to give you a crown of daisies!

  3. I really like the look of exposed slips, they seem so feminine and romantic πŸ™‚ The other day someone made fun of me on my blog for having an exposed slip, but I stand by it! Plus it's kind of a trend right now, no? Anyway, your day sounded like fun, and it's very exciting to see a picture of this Dr. Love who is still cracking me up from his Jay Leno comment πŸ˜‰

  4. tien- thanks so much,he is my one and only. Funny enough, we do discuss the cheekbones and how we hope the future kiddies inherit them. Oh,and I completely accept your crown of daisies, that would be the perfect touch!goldenmeans- confession time: this outfit and hair made me think of you, because I feel like this is your look: dress with lace peeking out, cardi, black tights and wavy hair!! Forget the person who made fun of you, what do they know!

  5. awww…you look so happy with that pic of you and dr. love. glad you had a great day! and LOVE your outfit. its def something that i'd wear. i almost squealed when i saw your target bag…i have the same one, in mustard πŸ™‚

  6. You look super spring-y and adorable today. That lace dress is fresh looking and very pretty… and your man is hot. You two make a great looking couple.

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