Willing Spring to Get Here

Today it reached up to 50 degrees and I took it as a sign that the Spring is near. I just want to see some flowers blooming, green leaves growing in my sad little pots, and wear more skirts or dresses without freezing my legs. That’s all I’m asking for, it’s not too much, but it is going to get a bit warmer during the weekend and I am too excited- made outdoor plans just to make the most of this “warm” weather.

This explains why I’m wearing a pretty unseasonal dress such as this one. It’s completely appropriate for warmer weather but I just couldn’t wait any more and was getting tired of seeing it in my closet all by itself, begging me to let it come out and play. I lasted in short-sleeves for only about 10 minutes before grabbing the cardigan- it’s not yet time to get that comfortable. 

I found this dress super-randomly a few weeks back while perusing through the Old Navy site. Liked it right away and it stood out from the rest. The price at $20 was even more incentive. I have moments with this store, because usually I don’t care for their quality of clothing, and their look I’ve seen elsewhere, but every once in a while I stumble into something really worthwhile for a great price, and then I walk away satisfied and glad I made the trip. 

 Had to add this last shot just because the face is so me- confused.

old navy pleated floral-print dress
j crew bling-button cardi 
f21 necklace
ae tights
lulus mary janes


12 thoughts on “Willing Spring to Get Here

  1. LOL, after your 7 day dress challenge in the middle of winter Dea, I will never be surprised by your "unseasonal" dresses πŸ˜‰ (Not that I am judging you, I wear dresses year round too, but I was so impressed by your fortitude that I'll never forget those posts!) I think the pale yellow is a lovely shade to see in the midst of winter, and the pale green color pairing in the cardigan is inspired πŸ˜‰

  2. Ive also been leaning toward more summary clothes – boyfriend pointed this out to me the other day when I place a summer straw hat on my head, lol. I love this dress! The color is gorgeous and I think you toned down its 'summer appearance' very well with the tights. Have a nice weekend.inbugsdrawers.blogspot.com

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