There’s Nothing Snow About It

Having a bit of a hard time finding the right lighting for pictures, and all day as I went about life I kept thinking “gotta take blog pictures”. I’m so ridiculous, focusing on the time of day and when I’ll get home and pose with my outfit. Didn’t get home until almost 6pm and rushed straight outside to catch the little bit of light that’s left. I like how the pictures turned out because I feel like the outfit really stands out amidst the darkening sky.

I just have to say, there is a snow-theme with both tops, but snow is the farthest thing from my mind when I wore them. I initially had some hesitation in getting this blouse because I felt like the top jewels would come down since I’m not so well-endowed up top, but when I spotted my size on super-sale, I thought I’d be more open-minded, and glad I took the plunge. This sweater makes me smile so much, and even though it’s not exactly my size, it gets the job done, and cheers me up. Does anyone know how to wash a cardigan to make it more form-fitting without it getting cropped or boxy?

And the flippin’ scallops on the skirt are just too much, they are a delight. I love this skirt and really thought it was black, but when I got it, it looks blue to me, which is even better! Can’t wait to wear it in the Spring without tights.

anthropologie snowscape tank
anthropologie through-the-snow cardi
anthropologie scalloped skirt
wal-mart blue tights
seychelles potion pumps
urban outfitters watch


25 thoughts on “There’s Nothing Snow About It

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog, and I'm so happy that I've now found yours πŸ™‚ That cardigan is just absolutely darling! I love the florals, and you're right they stand out so well against the evening sky. And the scalloped edge on that skirt is so quirky… love it! Oh, and you have great taste in shoes πŸ™‚

  2. you look so pretty!i have no idea how to wash the top, so i can't help you with that.i can say that i've been looking for a through-the-snow cardi for a while because i've fallen in love with so many charlotte tarantola looks so good on you! especially with that skirt.

  3. chelsea- your blog is cute and thanks for stopping by mine! I'm glad you like the outfit and the backdrop…more of that to come. And thanks for liking the shoes!rosa- yey, glad you got the scalloped skirt, you'll love itangela- thanksthehalcyonlife- I found the cardi randomly while looking through the catalogs online, I recommend it!ady- if it's not meant to be than I'm certain something else cute will pop upe- thanks!lisa- I know it, getting all sorts of ideas for it and glad I got it.

  4. oh, i love this outfit! my scalloped clouds skirt is on its way and i can't wait to take it out for a spin. it looks so adorable on you. and the cardigan makes me want to break my "no shopping policy" for Lent –must.resist.

  5. Oh, how I love that skirt. And in the twilight of the evening, how lovely! I ordered the scalloped dots, and it shipped out yesterday. I can't wait to wear it.

  6. i looooooove that cardigan! i got a similar one, the somethign dwarf cardigan and couldn't justify getting this one..but now you're making me rethink it! lol. you look lovely as usual πŸ™‚

  7. Oh SUPER cute! My skirt just came today and it's definitely navy, and it's most definitely TDF with the scallop! I love the cardi you paired it with – perfection! Do you happen to remember what catalog it's in? I may have to hunt for one myself!

  8. Hey there! I love the scalloped clouds skirt. I bought two sizes…a 4 for when I'm having a skinny day and a 6 for when I'm having a bloated day. I keep going back and forth on fit LOL! I also got a 4 and a 6 in the scalloped dots. I LOVE it on you! Love all your outfits !!

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