Emerald Cut Just for Avatar

So my main squeeze and I are in the big city of Raleigh to finally see Avatar on 3D. So excited, as we’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, especially seeing the movie on Imax. I like taking little road trips like this and re-locating to a new city just for the day. It’s refreshing and gives me a chance to explore. Being here reminded me of when we used to visit our friends in DC frequently. For the longest time I wanted to move there but life had other plans and we remained in NC. I love being here and really enjoy the community, but I still have a soft spot for DC and maybe once I’m done with school, it can still become a potential, long-term destination.

Love the fact that it’s Friday today, and I just want to continue enjoying ourselves for the remainder of the weekend. Found out last night that some friends are coming to stay with us on Saturday night…there goes romantic plans, but there’s always Sunday night for that! I’ve got a special dress to wear and wasn’t really planning on getting dressed up since most likely we’ll be staying in, but it’s always fabulous to wear a dress!

Speaking of dresses, it was so easy to wear one yesterday that I decided to continue the trend today and wear my fancy $10 Anthropologie dress. Love it to pieces, enough said.

anthropologie emerald cut dress
ny&company ruffled cardi
at locket
anthropologie sign here tights
anthropologie whispered trail boots


13 thoughts on “Emerald Cut Just for Avatar

  1. Aw, you look so sweet! And I still can't believe you go that amazing dress for that price, what a score! :)I didn't know you were in NC. My brother went to Duke for medical school and I used to love visiting him in Durham — so serene and lush and pretty there!

  2. Oh no! Stop making me want things I didn't know I wanted! I tracked down the Elodie Lily cardi because of you. I doubt there is anymore emerald cut dresses out there in my size for that price. It looks fantastic on you.I hope you enjoy Avatar (I didn't care for it)!

  3. I really love that dress. You and so many other blog fashionistas wear it so well! I love how you paired it with the brown boots, too! I hope you enjoy seeing Avatar – it really was quite a cinematic experience watching it in 3D!

  4. That color green is so beautiful and it looks fantastic on you!I hope you enjoyed Avatar. My hubby, son & I saw it twice in 3D XD (extreme digital). We loved it! My son is excited because he found out they are going to make an Avatar cartoon. Enjoy your weekend! 🙂

  5. elaine- thanks so much!angela- I totally have to give you props on giving me ideas on how to stylegoldenmeans- it was an unbelieveable score, best deal yet. I go to Durham all the time and enjoy the NC geography! Also know some people in Duke med schooltien- if you feel that way, then you can completely relate with me when I go to your blog and realize old Anthro items that I missed on and desperately need in my closet. Good luck finding the dress!amy kelinda- I appreciate your sweet comment. Just returned from the movie and it was surprisingly goodathena- thank you for the kind words. The movie was good and didn't know it would develop into a cartoon!

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