Side Stepping

Is it a tad sad when the first thing I do after I wake up is head for the netbook so I can upload the Anthropologie website and explore it’s possible sale? Let’s hope I wasn’t the only one going through this ritual. I checked it out, first to get an overall impression. Then again by the specific categories. Click a few times to check on particular details, explore some reviews, see if my size is still available, and then view the inevitable price tag attached. To have or not to have….that always seems to be the question. It is so flippin’ difficult for me to be a judge of character when it comes to Anthro pieces. That’s right, I said character. They’re each so individual and unique, and who doesn’t want unique pieces in their wardrobe? It’s hard for me to decide whether it goes with anything, because really, each piece goes by itself, I’m not trying to make it blend in with other items, they are so beautiful to me that it is enough!!

So did I end up pulling the trigger on anything you ask, after this long and thorough evaluation? Well, yes, in fact I did make a purchase or three, just to see if they will work, since I didn’t get to try them on at the store. The end.

Can’t believe I haven’t worn this skirt since November, it’s been simply too long. I love the ruffle details and the A-line shape, but I also love the unseen, because the slip underneath is just so feminine and delicate, I could make a whole new skirt with it alone. Meanwhile, it’s now raining, on top of snow, so not only is it cold and snowy, but dangerously icy, which is just great for someone like me who’s prone to accidents.

anthropologie smart set pullover
anthropologie sidestep skirt
kohl’s tights
wanted boots (piperlime)
target necklace
***wishful thinking anthropologie snakebite belt in gray


11 thoughts on “Side Stepping

  1. Hi Dea, love the outfit!No, it's not bad to wake up and go straight to the computer to check out Anthro's new sale items….but, is it bad to check out their website several times a day, everyday? Haha!

  2. Ady- thanks lady, it had been a while since I've worn itAthena- whew! So good to know I am not alone, and yes, I too definitely check more than once a day. It's like anything changes since last time I looked!!caffeinerd- I know, me too!Alicia- sometimes it pops up on Ebay if still interested..Jennifer Fabulous- so glad to meet another Anthroholic!! It has gotten quite ridiculous lately.

  3. I'm always on that darn Anthro site to see what's new and if my size may have mysteriously popped on certain items! It's truly an addiction but a good one, LOL!Love the skirt! πŸ™‚

  4. eunice- I'm a little ruffle freak!!mia- right there with you. clicking away like crazy on the hope that my size will miraculously appear. Glad you approve that it's a positive obsession :)tieka- thanks for stopping by! the ruffles are the perfect touch to an already awesome skirt

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