Thinking about Spring and Skirts

I know that I declared my love for snow, but I can’t forget about how refreshing spring is, just the newness of it, the change in weather, the flowers blooming little by little. And with the change come fun and feminine skirts. I think it really hits me when Valentine’s Day comes around and all the red and pink are all over stores and I start dreaming about the perfect spring skirt. Now that I have this blog, I can use it as my sketchbook and lay out a few pieces that I’m currently drooling over:

                               Landing Field Skirt 
             I’m patiently waiting for the first two to go on sale
                                            Be My Valentine Skirt
 They all make me smile and wish they were waiting for me in my closet. But that’s okay, because there’s a slew of other skirts that are waiting for me in that same place, so I need not forget and show some love!! Now I’m getting inspired for what to wear today on yet another snowy day!

11 thoughts on “Thinking about Spring and Skirts

  1. I just bought a couple of dresses and skirts and am looking for a pair of wedge sandals – my mind is all over spring and summer. Now if I can magically turn myself from winter pale as heck to acceptably pale. :o)I think the new Athro skirt and dress selections are to – die – for.

  2. summerilla- oh my, more snow?? where is it coming from? they said more snow here for this coming weekend. definitely looking towards spring nowlisa- wedge sandals are my favorite! good luck finding them and you should even post them!elizabeth edith- it is quite gorgeous, especially made for a vday date!!

  3. Ah, I love spring-time skirts so very much! (Though I wear them year-round, thank god for tights + California weather….) And your selections are lovely. Coincidentally, I am wearing an earlier version of that Picnic in Oz skirt (more of a straight silhouette, with deep pockets on either side) right now!

  4. Jo- I have a confession to make: once I started reviewing the skirt, I broke down and bought it!!! Oh my, we'll see what it looks like.goldenmeans- aww,I'd love to see that on you!! It is so cute, I love the cut and the deep pockets. Love pockets, big fan.

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