Winter Wonderland

This Florida girl is loving the snow, can’t get enough of it. Woke up this morning and rushed to the window, just to make sure everything was still covered in snow and it didn’t all melt and go away. Of course it didn’t, and the weather stayed cold enough so not very much changed. The other exciting part was maneuvering through the roads, because I have no experience driving in the snow. It was just beautiful though, looking around and seeing everything covered, it just made me feel like I lived somewhere in the mountains, in a remote area, surrounded by trees.

Today was designated for studying and working on a group project so back to the coffeehouse for me. Not too exciting of an outfit, I tried to bring back to life this Anthropologie sweater that I’ve never worn. Feeling unsure about it and it might end up posted on Ebay. Something is just not clicking….

anthropologie sweater
ae skinny cords
kohl’s boots


5 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland

  1. I actually really like the sweater. It's got a nice, timeless silhouette, and is doing great things for your lovely, long neck. I think you ought to keep it around and just come up with some outfit ideas involving this versatile piece. Maybe wear it belted, over a mini, with booties and knee socks, or even with boots…?

  2. Tara- I know what you're saying and totally get it. I just don't think it's doing it for me anymore. I love the style of it with the ruffles at the bottom, but it's not sticking…Helen- I've been thinking this actually, as I do have a few pieces that I'm not connecting with anymore. Stay tuned!

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