Cabin Fever!!

It was the coolest thing ever watching the snow coming down last night, just hearing it fall on our roof, and then waking up this morning to discover everything covered. So beautiful to watch, little birds standing on twigs overlooking the snowy ground, and I just felt like I’m up in the mountains somewhere, cooped up in a cabin.
Since I knew I wouldn’t be going anywhere, I thought about what projects to entertain myself with and since I’ve been on Ebay lately looking for things, I thought it would make sense to make the relationship reciprocal and post some of my own items that haven’t gotten much love from me lately. So on I went digging, and laying out and hanging, and then snapping pictures. Let’s hope for success!

Then I thought about whether I’ve ever played dress-up, and since I didn’t grow up in this country that concept didn’t exist. Therefore, what better day than today to put on my latest favorite dresses and pose in front of a camera. Warning: picture overload to follow. I kept the bottom the same, and just changed dresses. I should do this more often!!
So first up we have the highly-coveted, most prized possession for least amount of buck: Emerald Cut Dress.

This dress was too much fun. I added a J Crew cardi on top for that layered look. Next in line with have the ever-lasting Anthropologie Hollyhock dress. Now this dress, not on my radar for the longest time until it went on sale and I started realizing that it’s pretty awesome, and love the contrast between the top and bottom.

I feel like the top part of this dress is what my superhero outfit would look like, it just has those sharp, angular cuts and I like it!
The following beauty I (as well as its designer) like to call the Anthropologie Albertine dress. We had this at the store, and I tried it on and really liked it because of its material as well as its cut. I like these classy cuts, and the see-through top part was killer, its unique potential.
As for this dress, I’ve posted me wearing it already but it was underneath a sweater, so today I wanted to showcase all its pleasant details. It is the Anthropologie Centifolia Corset dress and it is pure delight. This makes me want to twirl and do funny dances pretending I’m a flamenco expert. You’ll see this below.
So this is what part of my Saturday consisted of, prancing around in dresses with heels, looking at the snow and appreciating its serenity. Until next time.

11 thoughts on “Cabin Fever!!

  1. So many lovely dresses! I can't believe I'm saying this, being as much in love with the Emerald Cut dress as I am, but the Albertine Dress is my favorite on you- That top mesh/lace detail is so interesting, and the drape looks fabulous ^_^

  2. Hi Helen- I found it recently and pretty randomly at one of the NYC stores. It's a size 2 and cost only $9.95!! I'd try CS if you haven't done so already.

  3. Hi Dea!The Emerald Cut dress looks so fabulous on you! Really though, all of the dresses look fabulous on you!The scene of the snow and tress outside your door looks so dreamy. I always like your outdoor pics in the woods. Do you live by the woods or is it just a section of tress? You could create an Anthro catalog scene of "snowy woods by candlelight"!!

  4. Athena, what a great idea!! I love that theme, giving me thoughts on starting a picture book, but really, how could I ever compete with the Anthro catalogs? This month they're at a flippin' carnival!!I live in an area that's really woody and hilly, so that's the view I wake up to every morning on my back porch. I absolutely love it.

  5. Dea.. what a great little fashion show of you! πŸ™‚ you look so sweet. I love the second look.. that dress is my fav… I have those gray booties too (rampage, right?)Anyway, hope you had a great Sunday! Can you believe tomorrow is already Feb 1st! OMG.oh and yes, the shirt is DIY, but my hubby made it!! Isn't it precious. I got lots of compliments when wearing it out yesterday.. his inspiration was the Lanvin top that Scarlett Johansson wore on the cover of November issue of Glamour mag. that top cost a pretty penny, $733!! Hubby has another one in the works for me.. this time outta yarn πŸ™‚ Can't wait!!xxLove & Aloha,S

  6. Hi Dea,You lucky girl to wake up to that view every morning! When I wake up and look outside I see our neighbors house and concrete. Not really any wooded or hilly areas in the dry flatlands of Dallas so I will just admire your view from your pictures. :)Hey you could recreate the current Anthro carnival theme by standing on a beach ball – haha, just kidding!! πŸ˜›

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