Laced Polka Dots in the Rain

Thank goodness for the crafty names Anthropologie gives its clothes because I depend on them when entitling my posts. It’s been that kind of day, where all of a sudden it got really cold and really wet, and I was not a fan. I love the rain when I’m inside all cozy with hot chocolate and a good book or Netflix in the background, but when I have to speed-walk through campus and bounce from class to work, not a happy camper.

So this skirt – I really like it, but it’s not in my exact size, because that is what happens when you find something on the J Crew sale that’s got your name all over it but it’s a size too big and it’s final sale so you either suck it up in the hopes that one day you’ll get it tailored so it fits properly or you keep scrolling and remind yourself that you don’t need it or wont get it tailored. Well, I clearly went with the first option and figured that a belt would keep it together and maybe even possibly recreate the models’ looks on the catalogs. A girl can dream. So in the end, I still think it’s too big and needs to be tailored but I wanted to pair it with this lovely sweater. Thoughts?

Anthropologie Laced Dotted Sweater
J Crew hammered metal skirt
ON belt
Kohl’s gray tights
Wanted boots


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