A Little Parisian, A Little Grungeish

It’s been a good day full of learning and working, and the weather still cooperated so I’m feeling happy. Now, I’ve been wanting to wear this type of outfit for a while, just because it’s a mix of girly and throwing things together with that whole “I don’t care” feel. Well, I typically always care so thought did go into this.

AE sailor top & red cardi & ribbon necklace
F21 school skirt
target tights
Aldo oxfords

And one more thing: thank you thank you thank you fiance/loverman/doc for putting up with my daily pleas of stepping outdoors and snapping crazy pics of me posing for this little blog that I enjoy so much. You rock and I dedicate this to you!


8 thoughts on “A Little Parisian, A Little Grungeish

  1. Tien – hmm, I'm actually a fan of stripes, in certain situations.Rosa – thanks lady!Megs – thanks for stopping by and I really enjoy yours as well!Pamela – it sounds like all I am missing is a ticket to France!Fashion Therapist – you can do it you can do it!Alexandria – thanks for stopping by lady! I have taken note of your request and it's on the way!

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