Glamour says Stripes and Flowers DO go together

If I could, I would give my blog and all its readers a big ol’ hug. You know why? Because thinking about and working on my blog makes me happy; it takes me to a special place where I get to share/ramble about what’s on my mind and really try to make every day a pretty day by thinking about what pieces I want to wear and how to put them together. In addition, it’s given me the opportunity to “meet” special, like-minded individuals that also take some extra time and consideration to what they put on. I feel like this is a form of self-expression, and there are definitely times when I get off the bus and look around campus, and all I see is jeans jeans and more jeans everywhere, and throw in a sweatshirt or five. Definitely not my deal, and while I’m not proposing that everyone go wear bright blue tights and Alice in Wonderland shoes, I hope for everyone to do & wear what makes them feel good about themselves. In other words, don’t judge this girl for wearing what makes her smile!!

So Glamour is one of the many magazines that squishes itself into my mailbox, and the latest, if anyone had missed it, is to encourage ladies in mixing patterns, and really go all out with it. So I did, nothing too crazy, but a touch out of my comfort zone, which actually felt nice! I adore this skirt, recently discovered it after returning another skirt that while fabulous and sexy, was also a tad scandalous for my taste (see, I’m torn with items that make me look/feel really good but could also get me more-than-I-need attention at a pub/club). I think it’s just precious, and coincidentally found out that Courtnee owns it as well and it looks fabulous on her, so it must have gotten stuck in my subconsciousness and revealed itself at the store the other night!

AE oxford ruffle shirt
F21 petals skirt
Target gray tights
Aldo shoes
Anthropologie roped posies necklace
AE sergeant jacket



13 thoughts on “Glamour says Stripes and Flowers DO go together

  1. sweet tea in seattle – thank you!!rosa- I'm glad you follow this mixed-patterns look as well, I'm really digging it.courtnee- yey, glad you approve, it's such a fun skirt.angela- happy to hear that the look works out, I think I might try it again with different pieces.

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