Budding T-Straps Arrival and Fitting Room Reviews

Oh my goodness, I think I have met Alice in Wonderland’s shoes and do not plan on giving them back to her! These shoes are like no other, they’re more of a museum piece than something functional, I don’t know how it was done, but it’s a damn good job well done. The details, the intricacies, the colors, the rose buds, the foliage, the leaves, the silver straps……aaagghhhhhh, I am obsessed. And so I leave you with this:

Now for the rest of the outfit, I decided to put together some favorite pieces, because I was in such a celebratory mood. I’m actually surprised no one stopped to ask me for the time!

anthropologie tick-tock cardi
jcrew linen tweed mica mini
anthropologie speckled tights
anthro budding t-straps 

I was at the store the other week and picked up a few items to try on, and kept it to a minimum because I wasn’t in the mood to change in and out of clothes. First up is this highly-coveted item that I’d been adoring for a bit:

So On-A-Wing Blouse, I have some beef with you, just a little bit. I really adored you from afar, and really thought you were different from all the other blouses I had laid eyes upon. When we finally met, I was still amazed, and on the moment decided I had to try you on and satisfy my quench, and that’s when I discovered the real you. You’re pretty from afar but a pain to put on. Even before putting you on, I had to warm you up and undo ALL your buttons, and then once on, had to redo ALL the buttons again (stopped midway). For the type of relationship I’m looking for, that is just too much work. I mean, what about those days when I want to wear you but only have 5 minutes to get dressed- it could never work. Plus, I have to go up a size with you, b/c as my regular size 0, you were more snug than necessary. So I’ll continue to adore you from afar, but with caution.

Another skirt that has me swooning, the From Monet Skirt. The best part about this piece is the draping silk. I love how the shape doesn’t just hang or hug curves, but creates its own direction. The material is beautiful in my opinion and love that it’s silk, so it’s really soft and can also be versatile. I tried on the xs and it fit great, and it also didn’t hurt that the skirt stretches some so there’s definitely a bit of wiggle room. And the bestest part? this skirt has pockets, which is definitely a must. On the wishlist for now, because my head was screaming that I already own 1,593 flowered skirts.

And finally, the Emerald Cascade Blouse. Initially this blouse reminded me of all the other blouses I have from when I used to work, but when I put it on, it gave me a more relaxed feel. Really dig the ahem, emerald color, and the waist tie which ahem, accentuates my waist (lots of repetitions tonight). Another silk piece which makes me happy because it’s soft and I feel kind of sophisticated. Really like the flow of the blouse as well, but nothing worth paying full price for.


14 thoughts on “Budding T-Straps Arrival and Fitting Room Reviews

  1. Courtnee – hate to be the enabler, but I am in LOVE with these shoes and recommend them to anyone.Angela- it's such a fun cardi, couldn't help myself. Tell me more about this new song…apparently I'm not hip enough to know itPamela- it is pretty isn't it!

  2. THOSE SHOES! You and Kim from Anthroholic are making me so jealous with those adorable heels, AGH! And you're right, they're very Alice in Wonderland indeed, and I mean that in the very best way! The On-a-Wing top looks beautiful on you, but that is an insane amount of buttons to unbutton and rebutton. I'm surprised there's not a hidden zipper somewhere to make getting the top on more practical.

  3. What an adorable outfit! Those shoes look great on you, and you are making me rethink my previous indifference to the Tick Tock Cardi.Great reviews as well — the On A Wing Blouse looks stunning on you (though it is a pity it is such a pain to do up, what a bummer), and the Monet Skirt and Emerald Cascade look so elegant and pretty on you as well. All winners!

  4. Kim- you're totally right, it's the combination of the heels with the white tights!! She looks pretty fabulous.amy.kelinda- I know, I'm on a high with those shoes. And as for the blouse, the buttons are definitely unique but just so much work it's crazy!goldenmeans- thanks so much for all your sweet words on the reviews: each piece was definitely striking, but I have to filter things out if I don't want to declare bankruptcy b/c of Anthro!AudreyAllure- thanks for following lady and welcome!!

  5. Love the outfit!I received my Budding t-straps the other day and I too feel they are very Alice in Wonderland (my favorite childhood movie). The details and craftsmanship of the heels are absolutely perfect! I like how you paired it with the ticktock cardi…now you've got me thinking that I need to get that cardi too! 🙂

  6. Natalie – thanks lady, I loved how you paired yours with the cranberry ruffled-wind tee, perfection!!As for the blouse, it is pretty, maybe I should try it on again..lol!Athena- so glad to hear that you have them as well, I think it would make anyone so happy!! I scored the tick-tock a few weeks ago, but checking with CS never hurts!!Elaine- that's right, not going back to Alice, I' m holding on to them tight!! As for the skirt, leave it to Anthropologie for making you feel like you're wearing art around your bum region!!

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