Ruffles and Tulip Skirt

I never thought I’d say this but I am addicted to Dexter. There, that wasn’t so bad. I first caught a glimpse of the show last year, when fiance decided to give it a go and see if we’d become fans, and I surely did not pay it any mind. I just did not understand the fascination with a guy that strolls around Miami looking all cute and normal, and then goes and kills people using a pretty strategic system: gross gross and creepy! Fast forward 12 months later, and this little lady cannot get enough of this cute and normal guy in Miami that goes around killing people in a gross and creepy way. First, we wore out instant play on Netflix, and then weren’t patient for the rest of the seasons to be mailed in so loverman has discovered some foreign site (can’t disclose exact location in case they’re reading this blog 😉 ) and we’ve got a running stream going people!!

So after the Dexter morning fix, we went on a long walk for about 5 miles or so and it felt so nice (most of the time) to take in the nice crisp air and enjoy the scenery. The only reason we have this time is because I’m in grad school and right now he’s schedule is a little more flexible, but soon that wont be the case for either one of us.

As it came time to get dressed, I remembered that I’d been dying to wear this shirt, and that I also missed wearing this skirt, so put the two together, and we have magic. It would have gone better with black/brown t-straps, but my legs didn’t want to feel cold today.

Anthropologie Wind-Rippled Tee
Target Bubble Necklace 
H&M Tulip Skirt
Target Black Tights
Anthropologie Whispered Trail Boots
GAP Peacoat


13 thoughts on “Ruffles and Tulip Skirt

  1. I love the gathered waist on the skirt. Cute tee;-) I see thelong sleeves! My mom is a Dexter fanatic!!!! Michael C. Hall is hot-crazy killer or not! I just read online he announced he's being treated for cancer but it appears in remission.

  2. Pamela- wow, didn't know that about our beloved Dexter, but yes, I echo your hot-crazy killer label!!Practical Princess- you are welcome to any of them if you live nearby!!

  3. I've only seen seasons 1-3. I have a lot of catching up to do. Love that funnel neck coat on you. I can't pull that off, they make me look like a turtle in distress…

  4. My sister in law got me hooked on Dexter.. One weekend I watched the entire season ONE.. the next weekend I watched season TWO!! I haven't watch season 3 or 4 yet.. but it was def a great show! Michael Hall is great eye candy too. hee hee.

  5. Oh my, more Dexter fans, yey!!!!!Tien, I found out that brother & sister are married in real life – kind of a weird combination if you ask me, but if it works, who am I to say anything?It is such an addicting show, because I just can't believe what he'll think of next and STILL get away with murder.

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