Recreating an Outfit with Real Colors

So like I’ve said before, there are many a times when I refer to Anthropologie and JCrew catalogs, aside from my thick lookbook, for various ideas on how to dress for the day (this of course does not include the countless blogs that I refer to, owned by some really special fashionistas). So when I saw this outfit in the catalog and then got the dress at a super-cheap 😉 price, I really wanted to re-create this casually-cool look:


This image is just perfect to me: they’re both out at a cabin by the water, overlooking the sunrise, they’re having a cup of tea and he’s holding her close, and she wants to look pretty in a dress but doesn’t want to be cold, so she oh so casually throws on this sweater and wha-la: instant chic. So yeah, who can blame me for wanting to be there too in my own way.

There you go, my own version. The sweater is close enough in color but I think a little bigger than needed. In all fairness, you can’t see the model’s bottom half, so really, she totally could be rocking purple tights and buttoned booties. And if it got colder, she maybe might throw on her own version of the Dick Tracy peacoat, I’m just saying.

Anthropologe Centifolia Corset Dress
the Limited sweater
AT purple tights
Target Kamaria booties
F21 necklace
AE Dick Tracy peacoat


11 thoughts on “Recreating an Outfit with Real Colors

  1. sharonlei- thanks, I think this might have been the first time I tried to recreate an entire outfit (well, guess the bottom half)!! I am hoping for an Anthro in Hawaii just for you, and for me when I finally visit!!kelinda- thanks for your input, good to know the sweater wasn't taking over the whole dress, and me as well. I am almost in the woods, just missing the cabin!tres tippy- I know it, that's what sealed the deal for me – the design of the dress is so fun!elaine- glad you support the colors!! I clearly really wanted to stand out!

  2. Kim- thanks a bunch! That is such a sweet comment, how could I overdo the Anthro catalog??Courtnee- not to be an enabler or anything, but the boots are so worth it!!

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