Ruffled for 2010 and Anthro Fitting Room Reviews

Yey, the new year is here the new year is here!! I don’t think I’ve been this happy about the beginning of a new year as I am today. I am ready for the fresh feeling, the upcoming opportunities, and the energy that’s to come. For this festive ocassion I decided to dress myself up in ruffles, and outfit with some new finds courtesy of the holiday sales. The NY&Company Ruffle Cardigan was a great buy, and I truly recommend it to anyone who needs to update their cardis and add a bit of ruffles to their lives. I kind of sort of scooped up a couple of colors because I was impressed by the quality and feel.

Evie Ruffled Silk- JCrew
Ruffle Cardi- NY&Company
Skinnies- F21
Flats- AE

Now I know I have a problem/obsession/desire when I drive to another town so I can scope out a different Anthro beside my local store. Drove 50 minutes one-way so that I could have a new experience, look for new goodies, and high hopes that I would try on Anthro shoes (my store doesn’t carry shoes). Well, I got there and was in heaven, just like any other time I step foot into the store, but wasn’t blown away due to the lack of shoes, and not much more variety than my spot. My goal was to take dressing room pictures and that is what I did, although I did feel a bit self-conscious about the camera making noises every couple of minutes! Let’s go ahead and get started:

Bougainvillea Cardigan 

Now I am ALL about this cardi, because again I’m a fan of ruffles, but it’s just so darn pretty and soft, and has me thinking about the spring. I tried on the small and it fit pretty nicely, but an xs would have been just as good.


I had been wanting to try this dress on for forever and a day, so when I saw it I rushed to it, but they didn’t have my size. The smallest was a 6 so I tried it on but I’m usually a 0/2 so this barely stayed on. Love the design, the colors, the shape, but because it wasn’t my size couldn’t really tell how it would accurately fit.

Verite Dress

I definitely have been lusting over this dress for weeks, and really believed that once we found each other, sparks would fly all over the place, but I was sadly disappointed. The smallest was a 2 so put that on…..and nothing, didn’t feel the love. It felt boxy on, the top did nothing for me, and the skirt bunched up so didn’t flatter. The thrill is gone and I had to say goodbye.
Dandelion Wish Dress

Funny how from afar this dress didn’t really grasp my attention, but at the store they had my size so I went for it with no expectations. I was pleasantly surprised, and really liked this dress on! I had on the 0 and fit perfect, no gaps anywhere, and love the flow of it, so aside from the price tag, all signs point to yes!
Skirted Peacoat

This is from the sale section, and had been pondering over this coat for a while because it’s such a unique piece, but I already own a lot of coats…what to do what to do? This was my first time trying it on….and I really like it!! I like the puffy bottom, the shiny buttons, just the uniqueness of the piece. This was a 2 but don’t know if a 0 might have been a better fit. I took it home and a bit undecided, but maybe it has more to do with sizing and less with the coat itself!

Golden Lights Dress

I had also been holding out for this dress but could never find it at my store. Found it here, but of course, not in my size. Again, size it too big so I’m praying I’m not flashing the camera as the dress drops to the floor. Love everything about it but because I didn’t get an accurate fit it was hard to judge how it could really look. Love the layers, the color, the fact that it’s strapless, and perhaps I’ll need to stalk Ebay for one in my size.

Taking pictures in the fitting room was fun, and I love trying stuff on and want to do this again soon with the newer Anthro arrivals to get me ready for the Spring!!


14 thoughts on “Ruffled for 2010 and Anthro Fitting Room Reviews

  1. First off, I know what you mean about taking pics in the dressing room. the first time I did it, I waited for a SA to barge in, thinking I was trying to take risque photos of customers! Then I realized I could turn off the sound on my phone and the picture snapping sound was silenced.Okay, onto the clothes-the Dandelion Wish dress looks awesome on you, as does the Golden Lights Dress. If you can find it in your proper size, get it. The color is fab on you. I actually thought all the clothes looked good on you! Including the Verite Dress. And I like checking out the Anthro in Highland Park, Il (which is over an hour away from me) because they have more stock than my store and they always seem to have a TON of sale items. I never leave there w/o something.

  2. Natalie- thanks for your advice, it definitely comes in handy. I have to try it on with different layers and see how it fits, don't want to regret the size later!Pamela- very funny story about you and the camera noise- I know exactly what you mean. I didn't want them thinking I was snapping pics to recreate their clothes!! Glad to hear you like all the dresses, although my bank account may not agree!! And also glad to hear that I'm not the only one that will make trips just to check out another Anthro store!

  3. Dea- I think you could use the Skirted Peacoat in the 0. It's cute on you but looks a bit too big. I bought the 0 and can layer comfortably and you're even teenier than me :-)I love the verite and golden lights dress on you!

  4. Lovely Dea… thank you for nominating me!! Wooo hoo. I feel so special. :)I hope you had a great New Years celebration.. Here's to a fabulous 2010!!Oh and I love that ruffle top of yours.. and the coat from Anthro is beautiful. I wish we had an Anthro here.. boo! 🙂 ha ha.Take care… Love & Aloha,

  5. Kim- thanks for the advice, and you might be right. The only concern is locating a size 0, but I'll try CS. I too think it's a bit bigger than needs to be, I was just so excited to find it!Sharonlei- yey, I love your blog so it was obvious I'd nominate you! I love the energy I get from reading your blog, and all the best to you as well for the new year!! You wish you had Anthro and I wish I had Hawaii!! hehehe

  6. Natalie- thanks for your feedback, I definitely agree that the colors are awesome and glad to hear they flatter too!!anna bu- thanks for stopping by, and awesome blog!gigiofca- so glad you stopped by! I ended up ordering the 0 as well so we'll do a compare and contrast and get it sorted!! Many thanks for linking me to your post!dylana- thanks lady! I love it too, but from afar.T- thanks for stopping by and happy you enjoy all the dresses! And yes, I am aware of the smallness of my frame- I thank the folks for that.

  7. I have the Evie in cream, and actually bought the ruffle cardigan and returned it because I didn't love it on me.Together it looks really good!Make sure you stop by and enter our JCrew necklace giveaway!

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