All the Best for the New Year

So so happy that this year is almost over, I am more than ready to start brand new. 2009 had its ups and downs, and some downs I could have done without, but I also know that’s life, and that all experiences can bring about knowledge and potential strength so here’s me flexing my muscles!! Today went smoothly- ran a few errands, walked about town, and worked on straightening things around the place in preparation for the new year.

I got this skirt on sale and had been scoping it for a while because I really liked the texture, the style, and those flower buds are adorable!! I love that they sit on top, so so cute! This is an XS but there’s still room, and I wanted to pair it with my brand spanking-new Speckled Tights!! They make me want to party, and since it’s NYE I wanted confetti sprinkled all over my legs!! Also, I have to give it to Tien for completely inspiring me on the outfit, wouldn’t have thought of pairing orange with the skirt, but she made it work!!

Sweater- JCrew
Necklace- UO 
Snow Flower Skirt- Anthro
Speckled Tights– Anthro
Whispered Trail Boots- Anthro


5 thoughts on “All the Best for the New Year

  1. Angela- thanks lady!! I adore the skirt as wellElaine- thanks, happy New Year's to you!!Kim- thanks for stopping by and giving your seal of approval :)Pamela- Happy New Year to you!!

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