Fancy Silver

Sometimes I come to the realization that I own a lot of dresses, I mean a lot. I end up buying them when I have to attend a fancy occasion, or when the deal is too good to pass up, or the dress is really unique, or when I just really really want it. The problem is that when I have dresses that were originally bought for a special occasion, I tend to forget about them once the event is over. So I recently decided that the heck with flippin’ occasions!! I’m going to wear fancy/unfancy dresses whenever I see fit, and therefore I , rather than the dress, decides what’s too fancy and what’s just right for the moment.

Today I had to go to work (yey) and decided it would be the day to come through and wear a dress that was initially reserved for fancier times. Today was a fancy day! I adore the sleeves on it, so ruffled and poofy, and the silver color is pretty rich. I like how it has a slip-look going, and that’s why I paired it with black tights and boots. It’s so comfortable and easy, I just have to make sure no lines show anywhere and people start seeing indentations of TMI zones.

Dress- local boutique
Tights- Target
Booties- Ross
Bracelet- Kohl’s


7 thoughts on “Fancy Silver

  1. Oooo Dea, that dress is divine on you!! I Love it.. 🙂 and I love that you love to dress up too! I'm just like that.. I think it's always better to be overdressed than under.. woooooo!! Hope you're having a lovely day.Love & Aloha,

  2. Sharonlei- thanks for the sweet words. I simply adore dresses, there's more to come!!Pamela- thanks for stopping by and being a fan!! I'm now following you as well, love your style!

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