Rounding off the week with the final dress

Whew, it’s been some work maintaining dress and tights this whole week, and wont lie: I miss my pants!! Now I love dresses, don’t get me wrong, they set up my whole outfit and I don’t have to worry about putting things together, making it work, thinking if the shirt will bring out the best in the shoes and all that, but this week wasn’t the most conducive for dresses since it snowed for the first time!! Yeah, and there were a few mornings when fiance gave this apprehensive look about me  looking illogical in tights when people are wrapping themselves in heavy wool to keep warm, but again, I’m known to be stubborn so I didn’t pay those looks no mind.

Now beware, this dress is a bit on the shorter side, and didn’t think this was the case when I initially ordered it, but this is apparently what happens when you buy in a Petite size and aren’t really petite. I found the Color-Drenched Dress on Ebay, and was so excited to a)find it and b) get it at a ridiculously good price. It came in a few days ago and tried it on super-fast and wow! it was shorter than I would have liked it to be, but right now I’m rocking it with tights so it’s not super-scand but come summer… I’ll need to be extra-careful. Today I wanted to stand out apparently so I wore my orange tee underneath to get cheered up and not be missed by anyone as I perused the mall. And I wasn’t – people turned and checked things out….but maybe it was less orange and more leg…who knows….

                      pockets always make me happy

Dress- Anthro
Top- JCrew
Tights- Target
Boots- Delia’s


2 thoughts on “Rounding off the week with the final dress

  1. I am laughing at your first paragraph! You definitely deserve a week back in jeans after a whole week of (given, pretty adorable) dresses during wool-wearing weather ;)I think the dress length looks totally acceptable on you, at least from the pictures. It's at least longer than half the dresses F21 puts out these days, though admittedly that is not saying much. Perhaps you can layer it with a thin, longer slip or petticoat during the summer? At any rate, I hope so, because it is very cute!

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