Pindot Tights Debut and Mulling Spice Dress – thanks Anthro

First it was just a coincidence, wearing dresses two days in a row, and gasp, they’re both from Anthro. Now, it’s become a goal to go the whole week wearing Anthro dresses so there, I’ve admitted it and proud of it (wallet may not agree on this). 
I had been scoping out the pindot tights for a minute and when I finally took the plunge to order them, I was so glad I did because they make me oh so happy, happier than I thought tights could make me. They’re just so cheery and fun, I just want to play all day, so what better way to complement the kid in me than wear an Anthro dress that’s reminiscent of a girl’s jumper!! Well, that’s what the Mulling Spice Dress is for me- a really fun item at a gorgeous color!! Didn’t want to admit this out loud but I kinda sorta….broke my rule of not shopping for a month. Apparently, a certain store found out about my plans and decided to tempt me every which way possible. Clearly, I don’t ever need to be on any show that has the word ‘Temptation’ as part of its title, I just would lose right away.
So I scored this bad boy for $30 and really glad I got it, it’s just fun and I like corduroy in pretty colors and can layer it with pieces under and over, just my style!!

Dress- Anthro (who else)
Shirt- AE
Necklace- AE
Tights- Anthro


13 thoughts on “Pindot Tights Debut and Mulling Spice Dress – thanks Anthro

  1. Welcome Natalie- glad you like the tights, they indeed go with everything, or if you just want to put them on so people will stare at your legs-it works!!

  2. I was just searching for images of this dress and stumbled upon your lovely little blog!You're not going to believe this, but I also just scored this little corduroy dress today at Anthro for 30 bucks. I wonder how in the world it hung around for over three months? But who am I to argue with destiny?

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