the Prepster

The runner in me is going through withdrawal – between the rain and extreme cold I have not had the chance to get these feet into sneaks and out the door for some long-distance running (and when I say long-distance, nothing to exceed 6miles). I woke up with the intention of having a really productive morning, but one look outside and there was no way I’d fight through the wind and suffer. So instead I stayed inside and got my Wii-Fit on, yeeepeee!! It had been a while since I last hula-hooped and skied, so it was so much fun and it always makes me feel like a big kid.

Now today was all about the business- had an early meeting with my program advisor about next semester’s classes, had to bounce around campus and get paid for school (so so fun being a grad student), and had to look the part doing it! So this inspired me to get right and pull out my black blazer, the one item in my closet that I know I can wear all the time but always shy away from for fear of looking too stuffy/serious. But it looks delicious in these pictures, and I felt so sharp all day long! It’s from H&M (love them!) and I bought it in Finland of all places, years ago. I admire the way black blazers can uplift just about any outfit, and today I remembered that I need to put this bit of knowledge to practice more often!

Oh, and I reeeeeally like taking pictures at this time of day- the forest looks mysterious like a fairy tale, and I like the way the trees appear at night, even if it’s only 5pm but looks like much later than that.

shirt- JCrew
blazer- H&M
Jeans- F21
Shoes- AE
Necklace- AE


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