Recession = No Fun at All

I don’t know about you but I really don’t like this whole depression/recession thing – it just really spoils the fun of shopping because then I start feeling guilty, and think about how maybe I should take the money I just forked over to Anthro and put it somewhere boring, like my IRA account. I mean please, I’m just a P.Y.T trying to bring ruffles and lace to my world so I can be happy all day. It’s just not fair that I have to make such difficult decisions: save and walk away from pretty things with ruffles, or seize the day and just get the darn things! SO I did, and now can be the proud and giggly owner of this beautiful dress and these darling shoes:

                         Whirling Ruffles Sweater Dress

                     Practically Perfect Pumps (I agree)

Ahh, they are both so very lovely, and I know you’re not supposed to be getting gifts on Thanksgiving, but darn it, I’m all about gift-giving, even if it’s for purely selfish reasons.

And now, for OOTD: I actually wore this yesterday, bracing the cold wind in tights, but it was all worth it because ruffles were a part of the equation and I was feelin’ alllll riiiiiiiiight. I really adore this skirt and randomly found it in Target one day, in fact I loved it so much that I decided to get two pairs, purple and pink. I know I know, perhaps a little too much, people will notice and don’t think you’re really changing clothes? But there is logic to my madness – when I love something and it fits just right, I get in different colors just to make the most of it with what already exists in the closet. I really love skirts, especially pretty ones that are inexpensive, like this little number.

                                  Sweater – JCrew
                                  Skirt – Target
                                  Grey Tights – Target
                                  Booties – can’t recall

I stopped by at Forever21 recently because I hadn’t been there in a while, and every time I’m scoping out other blogs I realize that they have some pretty amazing stuff for a really good deal. The gripe I have with the store is that if feels like I’m at a warehouse, so I get easily overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin, or I worry I’ll miss something really cute because clearly I cannot stop by every little section they have set up. And if I’m in there for a while and I can’t find anything, but I know that cute things await me, I just get anxious and want to stop the scavenger hunt already! This time, I had no trouble passing through the overly-done flannel apparel and loud tees, I found some cuties and attempted for the first time ever to snap photos in the dressing room. Let’s take a look at my masterpiece:

So here we have $12.50 skinny jeans that are a steal, and a very ruffled top, fun for going out ($18)

Next up is this super-pretty, romantic, lacy skirt ($20) that can go with a million things, dressed up for a fancy party or dressed casually with a cute tee, preferrably from JCrew.

And the cropped sweater ($28), how does that fit in? Well, that was the surprise in the dressing room, I didn’t realize that it would be up so high, so clearly this is a cardigan you wear with something underneath, unless of course you wanna take to that after-hours level, and then, you’re on your own.


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