Dusting off

Wow, it’s been two years since I last wrote here and it feels like blowing off the dust and uncovering the layers of life that have piling on for months. Wow, two years ago I was still overcome by the fascination of living in Finland for 10 weeks and trying to figure out how I’d be able to get myself back to a similar place with similar friends. I still had one more year of my Masters program and had to make a decision as to what my next steps would be. I had thoughts of returning to Oulu, at the very least returning back to Europe where like Michael Moore mentions in his movie, I’d be able to really enjoy life with free health care! But something changed my immediacy to move out of the country and I made the decision to continue with my journey in Greenville as I found stability and a reason to stay, for now anyway. The stability was new and inviting, it didn’t provide the same thrill as hopping on a plane and flying thousands of miles away would, but it provided me with the chance to slow down and face myself, I mean really face myself, which would ultimately be necessary for any kind of trip I would want to plan to take. Even if that trip was life. So I guess in a way you could say that these past two years have been spent facing myself and facing my surroundings, all while I position my body forward, towards the North.

So many things have changed in these past two years that they can be difficult to describe simply because I plan to stay away from elaborately demonstrating the physical and mental changes that have undergone; but I will say this, that it has been a struggling, blooming, and humbling experience that I hope will only continue. See, I’m not one of those people that has their mind set on the kind of person they are, the way the world works, and their ability to change. Instead I’m someone who just can’t seem to make their mind up about anything at times! but what I treasure from this habit of mine is that I’m always seeking for more and finding balance with what I have. I said I found balance, not obtained it!
I think that next time I wont wait so long before returning, I always liked being back here and today was reminded of its magic.

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