Grinning from ear to ear

It’s funny how things creep up on you and you find yourself in this place where, you just never thought would be so good. It’s as if it was planned to hit you out of nowhere and all of a sudden you’re on the floor and the ceiling is spinning because you’re experiencing this high and nothing else seems to make sense or stand still. You’re looking across at this person, and just can’t believe your eyes. I can’t believe my eyes.
So you try to keep it cool, try not to lose your composure and keep grounded, with feet steady on the ground, but circumstances dictate otherwise. It makes no sense to fight it at that time for it has taken over already and it’s too late to rationalize and control the energy that dominates your thoughts and emotions.
And you try to focus on the environment around you, as a reminder of what reality is composed of and what’s your role in it- but it can’t be pushed away; the emotions and frame of mind can’t be shaken off and disregarded. So then you try and rationalize, and try to incorporate these extraordinary feelings into your reality and everyday life,but when that’s attempted, it’s as if you’re not appreciating it for what it really is. See, it’s supposed to take over everything; it’s supposed to not fit in the daily routine; you’re supposed to stand out from everyone around you and just be affected.
So like everything else in your life, you want to rationalize it and be in control of it so that it doesn’t take you to this place where you no longer even make sense to yourself. You try to break it down and take it into little pieces, and decipher that way, but it can’t be broken. It is a complete entity- you either have it or you don’t, so no reason to figure it out. I already have.


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