Boston Times

So now I go from one place to another and am no stranger to the airport. After successfully arriving back to the United States, whether i was willing to or not is another story, I made it back to Greenville, and then the next day headed back out again, this time the destination was Boston. My good friend Elish will be attending Boston University in the Fall, and AJ and I decided to make a trip and go check him out. I am so glad to be here, for so many reasons. I am glad to be spending some quality time with my two Indian homies, because without them I can’t be part of the oreo cookie we all create! Also, because they are really good friends of mine that I don’t get to see very often, so being around them keeps me grounded and puts me at ease. When Im around them, new, loud, parts of me come out. It’s just the dynamic that is produced when we are all together I guess.
Boston itself is a really great town and I am really enjoying it. I realize time and time again how at some point in my life I really need to live in a big city, and while we’re at it, I would really like to experience some more winter weather, because the heat that continues year-round in Florida is just too much, and even North Carolina was disappointing in delivering some good winter weather. So far, we’ve gotten to check out a live band, Lucky Boys Confusion, go out to a posh place, Mantra, where I shook my groove thang to some live Salsa music. It’s just been good all around, and my boy Elish is taking good care of us all.
Must go for now, but I’m just really happy to be in the northeast, away from familiarity, and closer to all the possibilites out there……


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