Helsinki Times

Hei Hei,
I am at an internet cafe, typing at 1€ per 10 minutes, so time really counts around here. I had a very lovely weekend here in Helsinki, but at the back of my mind I am so preoccupied because I have to leave Finland. I realize now, more than throughout this entire trip, how attached I have gotten to this place, how much it has grown on me, how much I have enjoyed it, and how much I feel a part of it all.
Okay, just to recap the weekend in a couple of minutes, cause that’s all I have left according to the timer on my computer screen. I got here Friday night by a miracle, with all my bags, but many thanks to the lady (!) taxi cab driver who got me to my hostel. Saturday morning I got settled, showered, went out to do some shopping, surprise surprise, then went to the Tourist Information center, where I got information on the national park near Helsinki. A hop and skip later, I finally reach my destination. On the bus ride, I made friends with this young woman from India, who is here for work. We hiked together, and then on Sunday morning, we met again, this time to visit an island nearby, and then I’m running out of time,
to be continued…..


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