The day has come

Today started by a rude awakening of my alarm clock at 7. I got up, partly dreading it because I knew what was ahead, and got in the shower. Got dressed, stripped the sheets off my bed, and went downstairs for my last load of laundry. And then began the never-ending process of packing everything that I have accumulated in such a short time, in comparison to the other international students who spent double the time I did and have less luggages than I. After stressing, re-arranging things, pulling things out of one bag and stuffing them into another, I began cleaning my room. I have to clean my room and leave it in the same condition that I found it, in order to get back the full deposit. After gathering my laundry, I went to the university library to renew a library book (which I will take with me to the States and mail it back at a later time), and sent my emails for the last time.
Biked back home, taking the fresh air for the last time, and got ready to meet the person in charge of checking me out of my flat. Everything good, everything in order, I managed my way downstairs, to Flavio’s apartment, who is wonderful enough to accompany me ALL the way to the railway station, so I can catch my train to Helsinki.
I’ll be on the train for eight long hours, where I’ll have to find something stimulating to take up my time, and then I will have my own little adventure, managing five heavy bags while getting the attention of a taxi cab which will send me to my hostel. And then I have the weekend in Helsinki, where I have no plans as to how I will spend my time, just that I will take it easy and take in my last days here in Finland.
Early Monday morning I head out for the Helsinki airport, where I will begin a long connection of flights, which will eventually lead me to Raleigh-Durham International airport. There I will meet my good friend Leigh, who I’ve told to brace herself for the amount of stuff I will be bringing.
It’s a sad day in some respects, but it’s also going to be really weird, and I am still debating as to how I feel right now. The first part of the day has been filled with packing, washing clothes- basically running around. I think that once I take my seat on the train, it will slowly start to sink in. Well, I have to be ever so thankful for all that I have gained, and for all else that is still out there, unexplored.
So long!


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