So this is my summer love: Oulu, Finland. This was probably taken some time around two or three in the morning, on our way back from keskusta (downtown). This, boys and girls, is what I had the pleasure of enjoying while riding my bike back home.

This was taken at Nallikari beach, around 11:30 pm. We came here on a Monday night for a late picnic. We made rice on the famous rice cooker, cooked veggies and meat, packed everything, and pigged out on the sand. The only problem: forgot silverware!!

This was the farewell lunch at Pizzeria Baabel we had for the most famous Romanian I know, Radu (sitting right across from me). It was a sad time, but he did a pretty good job of making me smile and laugh until we had to say good-bye.

This was taken on a Tuesday night, at Never Grow Old, because on Tuesdays it’s Salsa Night. That’s right- somehow I managed to fulfill my fix of Spanish music & dancing. Great great times. Here we’ve got my boy Mehdi (Morocco), Flavio (Italy), Garrith (US), Ronnie (Wales, and Simone (Italy).

Next to the famous policeman at the Market Square, Mehdi and I pose for a picture, as usual. Kind of looks like a magazine ad for a phone, huh?? Looking good Mehdi!!

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